nandbox Now on iOS – New Release Now Available

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nandbox Messenger is now on iOS!

nandbox messenger, the hottest new messaging app, is now officially present and downloadable on the iOS App store.

But what is special about nandbox?

nandbox is arguably one of the most, if not the most, complete instant messaging apps created to date.

Equipped with high speed messaging, allowing the sending and reception of all sorts of media files, the messenger provides a quick and handy messaging tool.

But nandbox has paid meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to privacy. Because privacy is a serious issue, it has allowed users to have not one, but FOUR different profiles. This will allow them to interact with others according to different settings.

No longer do users have stick to a profile with a certain profile picture and status that all of their friends will see, as now through nandbox, users will have access to four different profiles which are: work – family – friends – public.

Each profile will have its own profile picture and status that only the friends that the users themselves allocate for each profile will be able to see.

Besides that, we introduced channels to enable users to transmit videos, posts, and images to their subscribers.

We know that this is the age of new forms of media. We no longer rely on traditional media to transfer information. In fact, today, YOU can be a part of the media, and that is what nandbox strongly believes in and will apply through the channels.

That’s why nandbox has all the ingredients needed in a top-notch 2016 messaging app. What are you waiting for? Download it now!