What is the Best Ecommerce Mobile App Builder?

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The Rise of Ecommerce Mobile App Builders: Exploring nandbox’s Capabilities as an Ecommerce Mobile App Builder

E-commerce has become a vital industry that we can’t possibly live without. This industry has given us the privilege of exploring millions of product and making purchases with a single tap. Later on, this has turned from being a privilege to being a standard in everyone’s lives. Since platforms weren’t enough, e-commerce tackled another medium, which is e-commerce apps. The demand for e-commerce apps, whether for making or using them, is increasing rapidly day after day. This is why businesses rush to find ways to develop e-commerce apps. Ecommerce mobile app builders were the best way they could accomplish this easily. With many e-commerce app builders on the market, one shone among them and became an ideal choice for creating robust e-commerce apps. In this article, we will explore the nandbox app builder and why it should be your first choice when choosing an ecommerce mobile app builder.

Benefits of Using An E-Commerce App Builder

As we previously mentioned, organizations find e-commerce app builders to be the lifesaving option to offer their products and services to a bigger and more broad audience. But what could be the benefits of using an e-commerce mobile app builder besides a wider reach?

Customization Flexibility

You can personalize an e-commerce mobile app builder to reflect your content. They give businesses the freedom to design an app that is unique to their brand and meets the needs of their target demographic. These builders provide you with the ability to make your own one-of-a-kind branded shopping experience by letting you choose colors, layouts, fonts, and add specific features.

Scalability and Updates

Scalable solutions are frequently offered by e-commerce mobile app builders. These solutions can expand along with the business. Adding new features, handling additional traffic, and integrating with other third-party solutions are all ways in which these platforms make it easy for businesses to scale as they grow. Furthermore, these developers routinely release updates and do maintenance, guaranteeing that the app can adapt to new technology and customer needs.

Integrated Analytics and Marketing Tools

Analytics and Marketing Tools

The analytics tools that are integrated into several ecommerce app builders allow for the important discovery of patterns in sales, customer habits, and other parameters. Businesses can use these findings to improve sales success, marketing strategy optimization, and user experience through data-driven decision-making.

Mobile Optimization

With the rise of mobile shopping, it is essential to have an app that is suited for mobile devices. With the help of e-commerce app builders, you can rest assured that your store will look great and function flawlessly on any mobile device. This can significantly enhance customer retention and conversion rates.

Adaptability to Market Changes

Buyer behaviors and styles are ever-changing, making the e-commerce scene particularly unpredictable. Businesses can make use of e-commerce app builders to quickly adjust to these evolving market conditions. With their help, businesses can remain flexible and responsive to customer needs with capabilities like constant testing, fast product additions, and rapid content updates.

What is Nandbox and Does It Pass as an E-Commerce App Builder?

The nandbox app builder is a leading native app builder that takes full advantage of no-code development’s endless capabilities. Launched in 2017, nandbox focused mainly on two app categories, which are messaging and ecommerce. The nandbox messenger was the first creation of the app builder, and it showcased its capabilities and effectiveness. The nandbox app builder proved to be an exceptional application and gained over a million users in no time. As per the e-commerce category, nandbox focused on offering the best features that would help individuals and organizations create fully functional e-commerce applications with all the necessary features.

But does this pass nandbox app builder as an e-commerce app builder? Good question! Let us break it down together. There are certain standards or criteria that should be found in e-commerce app builders, so does nandbox have them?


The first characteristic should, of course, be customization. We already mentioned customization as one of the benefits. A successful e-commerce app has more than just features; design, layout, and navigation are also part of the deal. Nandbox does indeed pass the customization test. The app builder has an intuitive workflow that allows developers to customize their stores with different button shapes, sizes, and types.

Mobile Responsiveness

Another thing you should think about is mobile responsiveness. An organization would want to promote and offer its services to as many users as possible. This would be achievable if they offered the app on multiple platforms. To do that, they would need an app builder that has cross-platform capabilities. Yet again, nandbox passed this test. Through compiling codes for both iOS and Android, nandbox was able to fit all the standards for the material design guidelines for both OS. This means that developers would need to go through one development process for both platforms and would function seamlessly across different devices, screen sizes, and systems.

Features That Make Nandbox a Special eCommerce Mobile App Builder</h2>

M-Commerce Store

The first feature that makes nandbox a special e-commerce app builder is the m-commerce store. The store feature in nandbox is already established, which means that developers wouldn’t need to integrate third-party e-commerce to include their stores. This makes matters easier for developers, as they can upload their products and monitor them directly through the app builder without going back and forth from one platform to the other.

Delivery Tracking

  Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking is one of the most prominent and special features of the ecommerce mobile app builder. This feature helps developers offer a more transparent and reliable experience for users. It allows users to track their shipments in real-time, get all the details, and receive all the updates. The map locator is an adjacent feature that can be included in the nandbox app builder as well. This will help users locate the physical location and get precise directions if they want to pay them a visit.

Payment Gateways

An e-commerce app is not complete without some payment options that make it special. Through the nandbox e-commerce app builder, you can easily implement multiple premium payment gateways that are 100% trusted and safe. These include Stripe, PayPal, and many more that would broaden users’ options.

Conventional Development vs Nandbox: Is Using an E-Commerce App Builder Cheaper?

We know that building an e-commerce app is not an easy process, even for an e-commerce no-code app builder. Since both can be complex, why wouldn’t developers use the conventional way of developing?

Many developers turn to low-code or no-code development as it saves a huge amount of money and is effort-efficient. So, let us put continental development and nandbox side by side in terms of cost.

We will start by saying that the cost of conventional development is very dynamic and varies according to your requirements and app size. So, if you are looking to develop a big app with a rich product list, you will expect a very high cost. So, for a simple app, you would expect a cost of $25,000, which is the minimum you could pay. Or if you are seeking a high level, you will expect a cost of $50,000 as a maximum.

The matter is as easy as pie in the nandbox app builder. You will have three pricing plans to choose from: the basic for $49, the professional for $149, and the premium for $299. Of course, if you have a business, we recommend the premium plan. It is not even near one-tenth of the minimum conventional development cost.

Apps That You Can Create Using the Nandbox E-Commerce App Builder


Amazon (1)

Who wouldn’t love having an app like Amazon and accomplishing an extraordinary success like Amazon’s? Probably no one. And this is great because, with nandbox, you can now develop an app like Amazon Shopping in no time. Alongside the Amazon template, which includes everything you need and more, you can take your user experience to the next level. World-class payment gateways, third-party integrations, chatbots, and more advanced features will help you boost the user experience and hopefully be as successful as Amazon.


H&M is a renowned brand with millions of branches around the world. What makes them even more special now is their advanced application, which allows customers to explore and purchase the collections with a single tap. H&M is yet another application that you can make using nandbox easily and swiftly. From shopping lists, wish lists, store locators, and many more features that match up H&M functions exactly, you will provide users with a unique shopping experience in the blink of an eye.


Millions of users all over the world love and use the well-known fashion retail app, Nordstrom. With nandbox, you can create an app exactly like Nordstrom, with all its special features. For instance, you can include the same engaging loyalty program in Nordstrom with nandbox’s loyalty feature. Through this feature, users will be able to collect points according to whatever trigger you specify for each campaign and redeem these points with rewards.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap this up, and with all the tests that nandbox has been through, it is safe to say that nandbox would be your ideal choice. Nandbox has combined all the capabilities that any developer would need from an ecommerce mobile app builder. Not only the features that make nandbox your ideal option but also the detailed walkthrough and documentation, along with the always-available support that is more than ready to assist you anytime. Try the nandbox now and enjoy a 15-day trial to enjoy the nandbox’s endless capabilities.