Top No-code App Builders in the Market: Which One Should You Choose?

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Top No-code App Builders in the Market: Which One Should You Choose?

To select the best app builder for you, you shall know that mobile app builder platforms like nandboxAppy Pie, and Andromo provide an online interface for users to create mobile apps with no coding knowledge.

At the same time help them to publish and also monetize the produced apps.

By all means, users choose the type of app they want to build, add features, design the layout, and choose templates. The platform will generate all the necessary code for the app, and identify the best app builder for you.

As can be seen at the present time the process of creating a mobile is different from many core factors. Because you can build an app like WhatsApp without hiring a huge team, just by using an online platform like nandbox app builder.

Let’s begin at the starting point in this industry, which is the main three types of mobile apps (native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps).

Native apps

As a matter of fact- these are the most effective and popular types of apps. It’s the fastest technology in the mobile apps industry for the purpose of getting a powerful app. But also there are many no-coding app builders like nandbox who offer to build your app and publish it in less than one day as can be seen by all of our clients. Do you know what types of apps WhatsApp, Uber, Instagram, Snapchat, and Amazon are? These mobile applications are native apps, and the best app builder of this type is nandbox.

Web apps

Web apps are websites in the first place but are able to be responsive for the mobile user. The main problem with them is their slow speed, they also require high server capabilities, which translates into high fees.

There are many web app builders that help in creating it. But remember that you will need to continuously maintain your app, through experts and high server fees, as long as you want to be seen and able to get good reviews.

Also because your platform is a website and at the same time a mobile app, once an error occurs in the application, your app would present it too.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are a mix of native and web apps, which is called react-native technology. As a result, this tech is way harder and more expensive than native and web – compared to the other types’ costs.

Because it requires a dedicated team of experts in the first place to handle updating the app and fixing any possible bugs, which is possible to happen.

For example: Do you remember when Facebook and Netflix faced big technical issues about keeping their sites/apps live in February 2022?

In general, hybrid apps in any case are not the best for small businesses or startups, especially in the starting phases.

Best App Builder In 2022/2023

This list is built to help all the small business owners and entrepreneurs who search for no-code ways to build their app in a simple and effective way.

Plus those who have the ambition and the ability to make you ready to scale up the business as a matter of fact without worrying about the features, the updates, the budget, or even transferring their app from one app builder to another.

The best app builder depends on many factors, but if you want to have a stable app to focus on growth, your best app builder will be in the top three of this list.

1- nandbox App Builder

Most importantly, nandbox app builder is an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to build a mobile app without writing any code.

It offers a simple interface where users can easily add features to their apps. The platform is available on both iOS and Android devices.

nandbox is the pioneer in native apps because it’s the ONLY native app builder in the market.

As a matter of fact, you will not need any infrastructure to build your app here, just your idea, and you are ready to build your app in a couple of hours.

nandbox App Builder Pros:

  1. True native app builder

Above all, your app will be totally yours and will not need any third-party integration to be built.

With the built-in CMS, you will be able to take complete control of your app.

  1. nandbox app builder is a cloud-distributed platform

This means that our servers cover the entire world, which makes your app fast whatever the scale of your business.

Which will give you the ability to scale your business without any technical worries.

  1. Create a Full-featured Messenger

With video/voice calling features, live groups, and channels.

You can easily add an e-commerce store, and sell your products, services, and offer ad spaces.

  1. Build an independent e-commerce app

You will be able to create an app with multiple stores or one main store.

Both are options for you to fit your business, and also be able to link it with Stripe and PayPal payment gateways, to be ready to receive clients as much as you want.

If a sale is made, you’ll only have to cover the stores transaction cost. Through both the Android and iOS versions of your app. 

  1. Create your own booking app

The best app builder includes a built-in booking system only for your app.

So, you’ll be able to control it as you wish without any extra fees.

  1. Create integrations with third-party systems through nandbox API integration feature.

  2. Full, fast, and free support to help you in any stage of making or managing your app.

  3. You can consider nandbox as a custom app builder.

Because you will be able to combine +50 native features and design your app layout from scratch or modify our premade templates. All of that will be done just by selecting, dragging, and dropping.

  1. Another key point is an open free plan – No credit card is required at this time.

  2. You can build and publish an Android and IOS version at the same time.

nandbox App Builder Cons:

  1. The app builder is only in English.

  2. There is no yearly plan at the present time.

  3. Text documentation mainly.


2- Goodbarber

Goodbarber is a web app builder that focuses on giving you the look more than the power.

Because they depend on integrating with third-party platforms to create almost all of their features.

Goodbarber Pros:

  1. Offering Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Which are websites that are responsive to mobile screens.

  2. Integratable with Shopify, woo commerce – if you have a store and want to make an app for it.

  3. 10s of design templates, font, and layouts.

  4. Free 30-day trial – No credit card required.

Goodbarber Cons:

  1. As a matter of fact, you will need to subscribe to third-party platforms (Shopify or woo commerce) to create your eCommerce app.

  2. Can not create multiple stores in one app.

  3. You will pay to access many basic features as much as you want to improve your app.

  4. At the present time, there are limitation stages, so you are not free to scale effectively.

3- BuildFire

A web app builder that offers help to make your app for you, you communicate your idea and they will build an app accordingly, which will cost you thousands of dollars.

You can build your app by yourself, but there is another key point, which is that you will need to be aware of app different design practices to produce a high-quality app, in other words; it’s not a simplistic process to build an app.

BuildFire Pros:

  1. They offer a free consultation for new members.

  2. Only a free 14-day trial.

BuildFire Cons:

  1. They depend on third-party platforms to be able to create a store.

  2. You will not able to add a video/voice Calling feature at the present time.

  3. They do not have a fully covered documentation to build your app on your own.

  4. As a matter of fact, the cost is so expensive for BuildFire plus plans start from 4.5k to 15k in USD.

4- AppyPie

One of the well-known app builders, they have many products like a website builder, a chatbot builder, and an NFT generator.

The mobile app builder mainly creates web apps by integrating them with third-party platforms.

AppyPie Pros:

  1. Simple and easy to use.

  2. Unlimited bandwidth & hosting.

  3. App Analytics with Google Analytics.

AppyPie Cons:

  1. They depend on a third party by all means to create your content like WordPress and Drupal. If you want to create a store you can create it on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, or BigCommerce.

  2. App Downloads and notifications are so limited in all of their app builder software plans – compared to many web app platforms.

  3. At this time poor user experience for you as an app owner and for your potential customers – not flexible with nowadays market demands.

  4. They only support iOS for the biggest plan at this time.


Appsgeyser is mainly Android app builder software, only for simple purposes and for those who do not look to publish their app or app marketplaces like Google Play.


  1. Create web apps in almost no time.

  2. Able to link almost all web platforms to the app.

  3. You can make your app for free.


  1. In order to create an effective app through them you shall need a website before it.

  2. You will have their brand logo in the app if you didn’t subscribe to any paid plan.

  3. The preview window they show you in the design phase is not accurate in the same way your user will view your live version.

  4. You will not target iOS users with what you made through AppsGeyser app creator which will make you miss a huge market of more than 1.2 billion

In conclusion, you will come to realize that selecting your best app builder is so critical because you will work with them through your business growth stages. Over time, you’ll also need technical scalability and publication stability to keep your app active and updated in the major app stores. (Google Play and Apple App store)

For this reason, nandbox app builder offers the most robust and comprehensive service available.

With nandbox app builder you can build your app, publish it, and update it in detail without any worries. Which is different from any app builder in the market at this time.

Try nandbox now for free!