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Build a native mobile app in minutes on the best app maker in the market – without hiring developers or writing a line of code. A pool of interactive features is here to cater to any business or personal project. Sign up now and learn how to create an app using a step-by-step guide.


Entertain & Engage With Our Unique Features!

nandbox app maker is characterized with a wide variety of features to build powerful applications. By using the simple drag and drop mechanism, you can add dozens of features that will work instantly and run seamlessly!

Additionally, applications produced on nandbox app builder are native which is a software application that is designed to work on a specific platform, either Android or iOS. Whereas the application has the ability to access certain features on the mobile like the camera, calendar, and contacts.

A Collection of Distinctive Features


Built-in Messenger

A fast, reliable, and secure messenger to connect people through video & audio calling, and groups up to 50,000 members!


Events Manager

Create, manage, and pitch your events with its GPS

location and with social media sharing options.



Allow your users to easily book their seats with a click of a button, and validate and redeem tickets using QR codes.


Tagging & Segmenting

Target your posts and messages by segmenting

your users with specific tags.


Video and Voice Calls

Free state-of-the-art video and voice chatting without any restrictions using the same technology as nandbox messenger.



Integrate interactive maps into your application including features like tracking, locating, sharing locations, and more!


Promotion Campaigns

Create engagement campaigns to boost your application usage, and build a rapport with your clients that will last for years!


World-class Payment Providers

nandbox supports two of the most renowned payment

providers in the world: PayPal & Stripe.

And Then Some More!

Include as many features as you want in your application without any additional costs!


Digital Coupons

Lure your customers with digital discount coupons and keep them on board.


Group Chats

Create and coordinate group chats with up to 50,000 members.


Invitation Board

Invite other members to join your community channel or group.


Interactive Channels

Broadcast messages and media to unlimited members and receive their replies privately.



Take back your sent messages at any time with no time limitations.


Cloud Processing

Access your messages from diverse devices with maximum speed and security.


QR Code

Scan QR codes to add contacts, and join channels or groups.


Media Gallery

Build an attractive gallery of photos and videos.

Features Included in Both Android & iOS

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Product Management
  • Booking Module
  • Payments
  • In-App Purchase
  • Built-in Messenger
  • Push Notifications
  • Coupons 
  • Loyalty Wallet
  • Membership Cards
  • QR & UPC Scan
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Video and Audio Calls
  • Download Control
  • Events Module
  • Queuing
  • Chats
  • Group Chat
  • Broadcast & Posts
  • User Management
  • User Profile
  • User Tags
  • Scheduler
  • Invitation Board
  • Share and Forward
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Email & Facebook – (Authentication)
  • Calendar
  • Direct Publish to Stores
  • Webview
  • Instant Pages
  • Media Upload
  • Listing
  • Channels
  • Chat Bot
  • Open API
  • Administration Control
  • Privileges
  • Access control
  • Analytics
  • User Notification Control

Meet nandbox App Builder!

nandbox app builder is a no-code, mobile app builder which gives everyone a maker of apps with no coding and no hosting. No upfront costs are needed, instead, you have a 14-day free trial to build your application and lifetime support. As a matter of fact, with nandbox app builder, you can build personalized, native, hosted mobile apps using a simple drag-and-drop approach. 

nandbox easily answers the question of how to make your own app and enables everyone to create native messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, entertainment apps like Netflix, travel apps like Uber, shopping apps like Amazon, social media apps like Facebook, education apps like school and university apps, and much more!

Your App, Your Entity

Create apps that show up branded, on Google Play and the App Store, with your entity’s logo, images, and colors. Sign up now and get up to two hours of professional services to help you publish your app on Google Play Store and the App Store, additionally, nandbox guarantees a technologically advanced native application. Efficiently unique with a huge collection of features to make sure that you can easily make your dream app come true. 

Controlling your application’s look and feel has never been easier with nandbox. Either on the top of the screen for Android devices. Or at the bottom of the screen for Android and iOS devices or have a customized screen in the place where you can easily install buttons and links on each screen.

No code? No Problem!

Evidently, developing your own application is no walk in the park. Beginning from hiring the right team that will understand your needs and implements them in the time frame that you both agreed on, not to mention the large sum of money that you will end up paying for software development and development costs. Especially, the fact that they could build something completely different from what you want! 

With nandbox app builder, basically, you get to be the one who chooses the design and the features of the app with a click of a button. Certainly making the process much less sophisticated and costly. Avoid all the hassle of going back and forth with developers, instead, a simple drag-and-drop mechanism will save you tons of time and money!

Your One-Stop-Shop For All Your App Needs!

nandbox app builder is designed to include all the necessary features that one might need when they build their application. Chiefly, a fully functional state-of-the-art messenger with the latest technology of nandbox messenger. nandbox app builder offers a fully integrated e-booking system that allows your users to easily book their seats with a click of a button, and world-class payment gateways that can be easily integrated into your app like Paypal, Stripe, and more.

nandbox app builder also has massive chat groups that can hold up to 50,000 members. Also, interactive channels so you can entertain your users with interactive content, keep them engaged, and cater to their interests!