About nandbox

No-code, Native Mobile App Development for All

nandbox is a no-code mobile app development platform that enables everyone to make mobile apps without coding through its App Builder. Native, hosted-ready mobile apps for Android and iOS, is what nandbox users create by a simple drag-and-drop approach. Neither hosting nor coding knowledge is required. For individuals, communities, and businesses, nandbox App Builder comprises a myriad of features to meet all needs.

Established in 2016, the Canadian nandbox Inc. promotes the commoditization of mobile applications; With its no-code app builder, the platform helps in bridging the communication gaps and monetizing services for businesses and communities through their own Mobile Apps. nandbox helps bring businesses up to speed with total mobility age, accelerated by the latest 5G technologies, and hence meeting the fast-changing market demands.

Ranging from messaging apps with audio and video calling capabilities, to ride-hailing apps, or a mix of both; nandbox App Builder also delivers mobile commerce modules. Empowered with an extensive, cloud-based microservices infrastructure, nandbox holds multiple patents for high-performance capabilities, scalability, and reliability of 99.999% uptime.

Why nandbox App Builder?

Because harnessing the power of technology improves lives, nandbox helps people better connect, work, study, and shop with each other, through their self made mobile apps. Its no-code App Builder empowers everyone to convert inspirations and ideas into stunning mobile apps as smooth sailing.

Whether you are a techie pro or a newbie, nandbox is a boon to your business, without sacrificing time or money.

nandbox App Builder helps you create robust, hosted-ready, and customizable mobile apps instantly with zero upfront cost. Your app is built with no code, nor infrastructure needed, but only by drag-and-drop. You can start with a pre-configured app that emulates the top, famous apps, add or customize features, and convert your idea into a striking mobile app on the spot.

The no-code nandbox App Builder provides top-notch mobile apps, built native on Android and iOS, with built-in Ultra security, and cloud-based scalability to have the smoothest operations with no hassle beyond your core business. Skip the exaggerated budget to develop a mobile app, and get the app you’ve always dreamt of, free for 14 days, exactly the way you want it, built by yourself.

Explore nandbox no-code App Builder and discover a myriad of features for your App; you can build, run, and test it in minutes.

nandbox Messenger

nandbox Messenger is one of the Apps produced by the Canadian technology of nandbox Mobile App Development Platform. Over two million users are leveraging its interactive features today; Multiple profiles for one account, Channels of unlimited subscribers, Groups of up to 10,000 members, Free voice and video calls, and more.

Check out nandbox Messenger and enjoy the best-in-class instant messaging features.