nandbox App Builder in COVID-19 Global Online Hackathon

nandbox App Builder in Covid-19 Global Online Hackathon | BuildforCovid

Together We Are Challenging The Pandemic

In light of the global Coronavirus pandemic, developers and innovators worldwide are now taking part in COVID-19 Global Online Hackathon. Hand in hand under the hashtag #BuildforCOVID19, they are crafting solutions and giving inspirations to help in addressing the crisis. The nandbox team is also on board taking part in the challenge. The Canadian nandbox is now supporting businesses and communities with its App Builder to keep connected but even thrive while challenging the pandemic.

“This Global Online Hackathon is a great opportunity to address the crisis head-on,” Hazem Maguid, nandbox CEO and Founder

With its no-code App builder, nandbox is empowering innovators to create their own mobile applications instantly. Whether for a techie pro or newbie, the nandbox Builder is designed to build genuine native mobile apps in minutes- and with simple drag-and-drop. 

“We are proud of our participation in the COVID-19 Hackathon, a great opportunity to address the crisis head-on,” says Hazem Maguid, CEO and Founder of nandbox. “So we are offering an accelerator; our full solution now tackles social distancing amid quarantine by creating high-quality mobile apps in a few minutes,” he adds. 

No coding, no hosting, and no upfront payment needed. The nandbox apps are natively coded for both, Android and iOS. That’s in addition to being ready-hosted with high capabilities, nandbox-built-apps can run dozens of features seamlessly – matching the leading apps’ performance.

nandbox App Builder pledges to bridge the communication gaps in the time of Corona

For education, entertainment, business, or community-building apps, nandbox strives to bridge the communication gaps. Especially, in the time of Coronavirus where quarantine and social distancing actions are dominating the global scene. 

In this context, nandbox enables full premium access – free for the next three months – to all participants in the COVID-19 Global Online Hackathon. The promo code COVID19GH is valid to build mobile apps of unlimited users, bandwidth, and storage throughout the coming three months.


Also, the nandbox team is available at to receive queries and help users across the platform. Special configurations are also possible for the team to deploy if required within a set time-frame, even if not enabled for the public. 

This pandemic outbreak is a difficult time for each family, business, and community. “However, this Global Hackathon has shown us a glimpse of hope – the hope that we are building together. The hope that is born by fighting the same enemy together and willing to come back smarter and stronger than ever before,” Hazem Maguid states.

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