How to Recall Sent Messages

blog header recall messagesOops. Too harsh? Too personal? Too risqué? Wrong recipient? Whatever the reason, we’ve all sent messages we shouldn’t have. Luckily, we have a fix for that: Message recall.  


Message recall allows you to recall (unsend or delete) messages and files you have sent in individual and group chats. You can recall a message anytime. Unlike with other messaging apps, nandbox does not set any time restrictions. 


Introducing nandbox Messenger

What is nandbox Messenger?

nandbox Messenger is a free messaging app built for personal and professional use. With multiple profiles and versatile messaging options, nandbox Messenger helps you keep your chats organized and private — all in a single app. Choose nandbox Messenger to get more out of your day-to-day messaging experience with enhanced control, privacy, and security. 


nandbox Now on IOS – New Release

nandbox, the hottest new messaging app, is now officially present and downloadable on the IOS App store.


But what is special about nandbox?

nandbox is arguably one of the most, if not the most, complete instant messaging apps created to date. Equipped with high speed messaging, allowing the sending and reception of all sorts of media files, nandbox provides a quick and handy messaging tool.


nandbox for Android – New Release

nandbox released today one of the most comprehensive and multifaceted messaging applications to ever hit the world of instant communication: nandbox Messenger App for Android .

nandbox is the all-inclusive answer to every classic messaging and communication application challenge. The foundation of nandbox is its capability to tailor to an end user’s level of personal security, allowing users to provide as little or as much information as they wish to secure an account and create a unique profile. A messaging app capable of intimate one-on-one conversations as well as having the incredible flexibility of a 1000 participants within same group chat.

nandbox is introducing a unique feature that allows you to personalize your chat with multiple profiles and display a different profile to your contacts.

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