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Create an educational app and organize class schedules, inform students of updates, and keep parents in the loop! nandbox offers an app builder for schools, you to build school apps: efficient for students, endorsed by teachers, and comforting for parents! Create school and university apps hassle-free! nandbox is also an app builder for students, where you create simple and reliable apps. Sign up now and learn how to make an educational app using a step-by-step guide.


Create 100% Native School and University Apps

Create an educational app without coding, and save your time, money, and effort! Design and build your own high-quality app using the simple drag-and-drop method. Simply drag the feature of your choice and drop it in your app! Apps produced on nandbox app builder for schools produces apps that are native which is a software application that is designed to work on a specific platform either Android or iOS. The application has the ability to access certain features on the mobile like the camera, calendar, and contacts.

Explore the Features!

A pool of interactive features is here to cater to create any educational app.



Create, manage, and announce events with their GPS location.


News Feed

Post instant feeds of news to keep everyone up to date.


Bus Tracker

Enable parents to track their children’s school buses every day.


Instant Messaging

Ensure parents’ engagement through swift and smart communication.

Unlock the Full Potential Of Your
Business With nandbox App Builder

Your Whole Curriculum
is Online!

Create an educational app and offer handy sources of information to all students around the globe. We always want to make sure that teachers can do their job with the utmost ease and swiftness. That's why nandbox enables teachers to upload E-books for students to view and download, summaries to be accessible to everyone. Video content that includes: lectures, revisions, and any other media material that the student might need and audios of recorded lectures that can be downloaded by students. This material is accessible to be viewed and downloaded by any student using the application. Teachers can also create schedules of lectures and include dates of exams and revisions to keep everyone informed wherever they are!


Better Communication For All Parties!

With nandbox, your education app will be organized and neat by having a separate class channel that can be controlled by the class teachers and easily accessed by the class students. You can easily post updates regarding each class on this channel, like the time of classes, announcements of vacations, the date of exams, and much more. Parents with more than one child enrolled at your entity can access multiple channels at the same time with no multiple logins required. To make sure that they are always informed of the latest updates. nandbox allows you to create tags for students, you can label tags by what grade they are in, or what classes they are taking. To allow targeted communication for a particular tag that you don't want anybody else to see.

Ensure Safety With a Reliable
Bus Tracker!

nandbox designed top-notch features to make your education app stand out among the rest. We created a highly precise bus tracker that tracks the journey of the students to and from the school, parents will be able to view the ride at any time from their phone through a highly-functional integrated GPS in the app. You will also avoid any unnecessary routes if the student is absent, that way you will save time and money by re-routing school buses, based on reported absences through the app.


nandbox App Builder is the Superior Choice
To Build a Native Mobile Application

Meet nandbox App Builder!

nandbox app builder is a no-code, mobile app builder which enables everyone to make mobile apps with no coding, no hosting, or upfront costs needed. Instead, you have a 14-day free trial to build your app and lifetime app support. With nandbox app builder for schools, you can build personalized, native, hosted-ready mobile apps using a simple drag-and-drop approach. 

nandbox enables everyone to create native messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, entertainment apps like Netflix, travel apps like Uber, shopping apps like Amazon, social media apps like Facebook, education apps like school and university apps, and much more!

Your App, Your Entity

nandbox offers an app builder for students that allows them to create apps that show up branded on Google Play and the App Store. With your entity’s logo, images, and colors. Sign up now and get up to two hours of professional services to help you publish your app on Google Play Store and the App Store. Additionally, nandbox guarantees a technologically advanced native application, efficiently unique with a huge collection of features to make sure that you can easily make your dream app come true.

Controlling your app’s look and feel has never been easier with nandbox. You can customize your app’s splash screen, Android, and iOS colors, and even how the home menu is displayed. Either on the top of the screen for Android devices or at the bottom of the screen for Android and iOS devices. Or have a customized screen in the place where you can easily install buttons and links on each screen.

No code? No Problem!

Developing your own app is no walk in the park, beginning from hiring the right team that will understand your needs and professionally implements them in the time frame that you both agreed on. Not to mention the monumental sum of money that you will end up paying. Furthermore, there is a big risk that the whole app does not turn out how you want it to be.

With nandbox app builder for students, you get to be the one who chooses the design and the features of the app with a click of a button. Without all the hassle of going back and forth with developers. Instead, a simple drag-and-drop mechanism will save you tons of time and money!

Unique Experience

Explore modules, functionalities, and options that are installed on your app with a click of a button, nandbox ensures that it is always up to date with the latest features in the market. Moreover, we always upgrade our app builder to include new features and improvements on existing ones and enhance our services to meet with our client’s developing needs.

With more than 50 features in nandbox app builder, you are always guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Moreover, we always take into consideration the feedback of our valuable clients, so if you have any suggestions for any upgrades or improvements, or features that you would like to see in nandbox app builder, write your suggestion and let us know!

Your One-Stop-Shop For All Your App Needs!

nandbox app builder is an app builder for schools designed to include all the necessary features that one might need when they build their application. Aside from our fully functional state-of-the-art messenger with the latest technology of nandbox messenger, nandbox app builder offers a fully integrated e-booking system that allows your users to easily book their seats with a click of a button. World-class payment gateways that can be easily integrated into your app like Paypal, Stripe, and more.

nandbox app builder for students also has massive chat groups that can hold up to 50,000 members. Interactive channels so you can entertain your users with interactive content, keep them engaged, and cater to their interests! Explore our documents to know how to make an educational app!

Proven Technology

Save time, money, and effort with a reliable, secure mobile app for your school or university. No infrastructure is required to build a native mobile app with nandbox. Your app will run on a scalable and secure cloud ecosystem. Moreover, nandbox provides free hosting, load, stress testing, and regular updates. A secure and scalable backend platform is necessary to run apps smoothly.

nandbox’s service leverages existing cloud infrastructure and off-the-shelf databases, additionally, nandbox guarantees an innovative, flexible, and compact distribution. Hence, your app built with nandbox will run on a five-nines availability system – which means an uptime of 99.999%.