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What makes the channels of nandbox messenger unique and beneficial?

Building useful communities is not that easy thing to do, especially nowadays. However, nandbox messenger will help you to create an interactive community! You are here reading this to get the most out of nandbox messenger interactive channels. For the sake of pluralism and simplicity, nandbox is introducing this feature. Unlike the other comparable messaging Apps, we have developed an amazing channel feature to help our users building great communities.

nandbox messenger has developed interactive channels, so the channel owner can interact with his/her channel member through replies and private chats from inside the channel. which will lead to more engagement and success.

nandbox messenger channels are the only interactive channels among all the messaging applications. You can create channels for business or personal use. Either way, you’re always in control of access and privacy.

Above all, whatever you are going to need as a channel owner and more will be affordable with nandbox messenger.

Why you should create and use nandbox messenger interactive channels?

  • With nandbox interactive channels, you will power your channel members the ability to reply to your posts privately, which will guarantee more engagement and trust.
  • In addition to replying to the admin’s posts, channel members can easily initiate a private chat with the admin from inside the channel.
  • All notifications will be organized in one notification tab.
  • Phenomenal managerial benefit (Super admin, admin). Presently we are the only community messaging App that presents (super administrator and administrator) with such controllable benefits assortment, which was intended to suit each channel’s needs. You can have a set of super administrators, set of administrators with various benefits for a similar channel.
  • Furthermore, nandbox messenger interactive channels take the full-screen width to make it more attractive.
  • To ensure the maximum level of organization nandbox messenger is using three different messaging hierarchies.
  • Recalling the sent messages at any time and editing the content after posting it. Most importantly it ensures overriding the original message.
  • Inviting bots and administrating them from inside the channel. Advance your channel with bots of your decision. Make them accessible for your community from inside the channel, giving access to any number of bots inside the channel for your members. The single place is your channel, multiple accesses to a huge variety of both typical and Inline menus bots.
  • Even more, bots can be administrated from the very same administration tab, integrate, delete, and manage it without leaving your channel with full administration privilege.
  • Also, you can control each bot response behavior, for posts, replies, or both.
  • Your members will be able to like and share your posts on all the social media channels.

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