The Definitive Guide to Building Mobile Apps on nandbox App Builder

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How To Make a Mobile App in Five Steps?

The competition is fierce. In such a fast-changing market, online businesses strive for customer satisfaction more than ever. Even amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses are seeking new channels to reach and convert customers – to stay ahead as much as they can. Such a rising challenge explains the repeated queries hitting on Google nowadays: How to make a mobile app? What are the steps needed to make it fast with high-quality? Is having a mobile-friendly website enough?

Mobile apps are already taking the lead of internet traffic. According to Statista, as of January 2020, mobile users surfing the internet have reached 4.18 billion, out of 4.54 billion, the total of active internet users worldwide. And the number is escalating in the current situation. It’s now the time for businesses worldwide to tweak their digital presence – and even bloom, despite the coronavirus concerns. 


Customer mobile app usage is rising in the time of Coronavirus

The first quarter of 2020 has witnessed a dramatic change in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Within the quarantine and social distancing actions, businesses are now shifting to work from home, meanwhile, customers are shifting to online shopping and purchasing. 

In the US, in the first week of March 2020 – the time in which the pandemic Coronavirus started to lead the scene – organic installs of mobile apps in the categories of Communications, Shopping, and News showed a range of increase from 10% to 30% when compared to the previous week. Meanwhile, internet providers and mobile operators are dedicated to meet the increasing market demands.


Build your app and take your Business Continuity to a whole new level

The last few years have witnessed a huge rise in the number of mobile application development companies, like nandbox. What makes nandbox stand out from the crowd is the time-and-cost-saving approach that nandbox offers. nandbox also strives to bridge the communication gaps in different disciplines besides E-commerce: in schools and universitiescommunities, and sports clubs.

Empowered with an extensive, cloud-based, microservices infrastructure, nandbox holds multiple patents applied for high-performance capabilities, scalability, and reliability of 99.999% uptime.

nandbox has realized how challenging the future will be and hence established a future-proof service. However, the current Coronavirus situation was quite unpredictable though. But nandbox is still a reliable business companion, who will keep your business continuity in focus, even amid the pandemic concerns.


Make a mobile app with nandbox: No-code, No host, Nor upfront cost needed

On the other hand, businesses are striving to catch up with the wave and start launching their own mobile apps; to better serve their customers, meet their satisfaction, and retain their loyalty in such challenging times. And as earlier highlighted by nandbox, there are even more reasons for businesses to stay ahead of the market competition by their own mobile apps.

nandbox app builder: 14-day free trial and lifetime support

Established in 2016, Canadian nandbox Inc. empowers business owners to make and manage high-quality mobile apps – in a hassle-free process. nandbox digital platform comprises an app builder, which generates mobile apps, able to run dozens of features seamlessly. No code, no infrastructure, and no upfront payments required to build apps with nandbox app builder – besides a 14-day free trial with lifetime support.

Ranging from messaging apps with audio and HD video calling capabilities, to ride-hailing apps, or even a mix of both; nandbox platform also delivers mobile commerce modules and digitally transforms communities. 

The following lines are providing a step-by-step guide to building a business mobile app for Android and iOS. Without coding, the app generated is hosted-ready and covered by premium support.


How to make a mobile app in five steps: 

To start your app journey, first, navigate to and sign up to the nandbox App Builder. You will land on your nandbox dashboard, where you will find the following five steps ahead:

#1 Brand your App

#2 Set up the Home Menu

#3 Compose the Side Menu

#4 Configure your App Settings

#5 Build & Publish like a pro!

Your step-by-step guide to making a mobile app in minutes


On your nandbox dashboard, click on “Design Your App”, listed in the left menu. To display guidance, hover on each section. And whenever you want to apply changes in your app design, even after releasing it, “Design Your App” is your destination.

The menu on the left is your App Management Menu, where you can create your app content after including the relevant features. In other words, make sure that you have included the features you need in your app to be able to manage them from this App Management Menu. 


Click here to save your work before moving to the next step.


Click on “Save” and “Next” before moving from one step to the other to proceed with your selections.


#1 Brand your app

Name your app, upload your logo and choose the app themes and colors that reflect your brand identity. You can hover sections for guidance.

Brand and customize your App



Don’t forget to click on “Save” and “Next” after finishing.

#2 Create the Home Menu

The Home Menu is the group of tabs showing on the top of your mobile app. It holds up to four tabs.

When you move to this step, two adjacent menus will appear on the right of your screen: Categories and Modules, each category contains a list of modules. Each module comprises ready-configured and customizable features. 

Feel free to explore!


Each module you drag and drop is shown as a tab in your Home Menu


To set the tabs of your Home Menu:

  1. Hover on each module to find a tip defining its usage.
  2. Drag and drop your selected module; It will be shown as a tab in your Home Menu.
  3. You can rename each module and set its own icon. Tabs will be displayed to your app users with the name you enter.
  4. Click on the small gear icon of each module to further customize it.

You can rename each module and pick an icon resembling it. And, remember to click “Save” and “Next” before you move to the following step!


#3 Arrange the Side Menu

The Side Menu is the list displayed on the left of your app’s home screen. It helps your app users to navigate and explore your app easily.

You can add as many modules as you want in your app’s Side Menu. And like the Home Menu, drag and drop the features and customize each on its own.



How to make a Side Menu in nandbox App Builder



Hit the “Save” and “Next” buttons before going to Step4!


#4 Configure your App’ settings

Your app essentials are Splash, Log-in and Signup, User Profile, and Bubbles Theme. Hover on each section to know how it functions. For customization, hit each section’s small Gear button.

Click on the small Gear icons for customization.


  • Splash
    Splash is the screen that appears when your users first open your app. Make sure its content is an engaging lead-in for the users. You can add up to 4 splash screens.How to create your App Splash Screens on nandbox App Builder


  • Login and Signup
    Choose how users register on your app. You can select ‘No login’ if you don’t need this option.
    Choose how you want your users to register for your app.


  • User Profile
    Set the attributes of your app users’ profile; Your app users can then create their own profiles and build a community on your app.
    Set the attributes for users to create their own profiles.


  • Bubble Themes
    Select a chat theme and give your app the look and feel like the top messaging apps.


Select the bubble theme you like and give your app the look and feel of the most popular apps.


Remember to click “Save” and “Next”!

#5 Build and publish like a pro

Here is the final step of designing your app; Release the build, download it on an Android device, and test your app on the spot.

    Hit the "Start" button to get the APK file of your Android app.          

In this step, the button shown on the right, Store Publishing Info is where you can start your app publishing process. Click to insert info of your Google Play and App Store accounts. Below each field, you will find a link to a guiding article that will help you publish your app quickly, by yourself. 

    Take your App to the next level: Google Play & App Store        


Now, you know how to make a mobile app easily. It’s time to do it yourself and build an exquisite mobile digital presence! 

Check out the nandbox platform and make and manage your app instantly – exactly the way you’ve always wanted. If you have questions or need any help, contact the nandbox support team at

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