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nandbox Messenger

Better Features for Better Communication!


Keep Your Conversations Going
No Matter Where You Are!

nandbox messenger is a free messenger app with crisp and clear voice and video calling, interactive channels, chat groups with up to 50,000 members, and stellar privacy with our multiple profile feature. Built with the latest technology of nandbox app builder, nandbox messenger instant messaging app has more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. 


Why nandbox Messenger?

Free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere

QR Code

Scan QR codes to add contacts, and join channels, or groups.

Invitation Board

Invite others to join your community channel or group.

Group Chats

Create and coordinate group chats with up to 50,000 members.

Chat Hierarchy

Three levels of chat hierarchy for you to 

receive and reply to messages smoothly.


Video and Voice Calls

Free state-of-the-art video and voice chatting without any restrictions.


Multiple Profiles

Keep the same mobile number and create four different profiles.

Interactive Channels

Send messages to unlimited members and receive their replies privately.


Choose from a variety of fun expressive stickers.

Free Secured Calls & Messages

Download nandbox on your mobile now!

More than messaging

You have endless options when it comes to expressing yourself.



Your contact information will never be disclosed without your approval.



Free of charges and will remain
always free.


Video and Voice Calls

Free state-of-the-art video and voice
chatting without any restrictions.


Chat Bots

Use numerous bots and build
your own using our API.



Take back your sent messages at
any time.



Avoid typos and edit your text messages
at any time.


Cloud Processing

Access your messages from diverse devices with maximum speed and security.


Administration Control

Administrate your groups and channels
with full access control.

nandbox Messenger Web

nandbox messenger web is synced to your mobile account. To use nandbox messenger web, simply click here and follow the instructions on the page.


Meet nandbox Messenger!

nandbox messenger is one of the best free chat apps in the market. The creators of nandbox app builder wanted to make sure that the world has a free messenger app that has the top features of the market: a very clear voice and video calling feature. An instant messaging app that can hold 50,000 members in one group. Entertaining channels posting interactive content for users. 

Chatbots that can carry out various technical functions and is very easy to set up. The option to recall your messages without any restrictions and at any time. The ability to edit your messages to avoid any typos in your conversation. And a simple method to join any channel, group, or add a contact: by scanning a simple QR code, making nandbox messenger one of the best free chat apps.

Easy Integration with Zapier!

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects with more than 3000 apps such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and much more. By connecting apps, you can automate repetitive tasks by setting triggers and actions that follow, nandbox messenger integration with Zapier will allow Zapier’s bot to detect any post published on your channel and automatically publish it on any app you choose:

  • Zapier’s bot can tweet it on Twitter.
  • Send it as a message to a Slack group.
  • Send it as an email to your Gmail.
  • Publish it as a post on your Facebook.
  • There are many more apps that you can choose from!
Follow the steps in this article to integrate nandbox messenger with Zapier!

Express Yourself With The Multiple Profile Feature!

Enjoy a private messaging experience with custom profiles for the various members of your social circle. Communicate freely. Present yourself appropriately to your friends, family, colleagues, and others. In nandbox Messenger, one of the best instant messaging apps, you get to set up four profiles: One for your friends, family, work, and public contacts. This means: 

More Privacy: You can customize your profiles to conceal your identity and other personal information as you see fit. 

More Freedom: Share what you want to whom you want. You decide which profile each of your contacts will see. 

Recalling Your Messages Has Never Been Easier!

Have you ever regretted sending messages by mistake?  You don’t have to worry anymore! Because one text message may ruin your day or cause you unwanted loss, nandbox messenger has developed a feature to let you recall your messages at any time. Unlike most of the other apps, nandbox messenger did not set any time restrictions!

You will have the option to delete the message from your phone or to recall it from the recipient’s device. Recall messages works with (group chat, channels chat, and one on one chat)

Messages you already recalled from everyone will be replaced with (Message has been recalled), in case the recipient did not see the message before you recall it, nothing will be noticed at all!