nandbox Messenger for iOS – Version 1.6.476: What’s New?

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nandbox messenger was designed to stand-out among all the messengers in the market. With innovative features, seamless communication, and extensive data privacy, we are always keen to improve our messenger with the latest upgrades. So what’s new in the nandbox messenger update version 1.6.476 for iOS?

nandbox Messenger for iOS – Version 1.6.476

1.) The Brand New Grid View for Broadcasting Channels

Channels are now displayed in grid view which enables more channels to be displayed while maintaining a sleek look.

New Channels

2.) Colored Text Messages & Posts

Now you can send colored text messages or posts and illuminate your phone with colorful messages!


3.) Silent Messages

Now you can send messages or post on channels without triggering a notification or making a sound on the receiver’s device!

Send Silent Message

4.) Advanced Search for Public Groups and Channels

With our search enhancement, finding new groups and channels has never been easier!

Search tab - new

5.) Call History Feature

With the all-new call history feature, you can check your incoming and outgoing calls at any time.

Call Log

6.) Sleeker Inline Menus

Improved inline menus that allow you more options with a smoother look.

inline menu

7.) Separating Channels List from the Group List

The channel list is now independent of the group list for easier navigation.

side menu

8.) Improved Video & Voice Calling Sound Quality

Our unique voice and video calling feature has gotten even better!

9.) Enhanced Internal Youtube and Soundcloud Player

Enjoy your favorite tunes and videos with better quality on nandbox messenger!

Enhance internal Youtube and Soundcloud player

10.) Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Upgrade your nandbox messenger now to enjoy the latest upgrades!

If you don’t have the app yet, you can download the new iOS version now!