Why Should You Opt For Custom eLearning Software?

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Modern education markets are full of software aimed at schools and businesses. You can find solutions for course hosting, such as edX and Coursera. Moreover, many language-learning options are present on the market, too. Those apps are represented by products like Memrise and Duolingo. In short, it may seem that there’s no need to invent any new software. The solutions are already present on the market.

Are they, though? Our interactions with specialists in the education sector highlight a negative tendency in such ready-made apps. They have great presentation and outstanding promises, but then fail in a major way. Why? The core issue comes in the form of the theory-practice gap in the edtech sector. Many companies develop solutions without any input from learning specialists. Their goal is to monetize instead of delivering something genuinely efficient. As a result, most solutions don’t work as well as advertised. They entirely ignore decades of advanced research on the core aspects of human learning. One of the standouts is custom eLearning software.

For this reason, many schools and even businesses can benefit from hiring an e-learning software development company to develop custom eLearning software. Numerous dedicated teams are helping non-coding specialists transition their vision of great software ideas to code. Why is this so vital? In many ways, the core reason is the ability to combine two types of expertise. Cooperation between learning specialists and coders allows them to concentrate on what they know. If learning specialists without coding experience start developing, there’s a risk of creating an app with low-quality UI/UX and significant problems in terms of performance. In turn, if coders without any learning knowledge engage in development, they risk creating apps that fail to follow the best learning standards. 

Let’s look into this argument in depth

Reason 1 for Getting Custom eLearning Software: Offering educational expertise

educational expertise

In many ways, the approaches to learning that are considered popular these days are often inefficient. If they were as strong as people say they are, then the majority of the population would have success with them. In reality, various people fail utterly during their education despite putting in a lot of effort (there are many horror stories of students studying for 15 hours a day and not passing tests anyway). What’s the reason this happens? In most situations, their methods are bad. They engage in rote learning through apps like Anki or focus on great-looking but completely inefficient notes. 

A major way to solve these challenges is to look at what modern science shows. The strongest approach promoted these days is a focus on relations and purpose. For example, a key psycholinguistic maxim is that information present within a logical framework is 40 times easier to remember than isolated facts. Educational specialists can, thus, design apps that actually focus on those connections. Instead of isolated learning sessions, they get an opportunity to concentrate on the creation of long-term knowledge frameworks. A non-specialist who focuses on the common learning myths will never be able to adapt to those new methods in any realistic fashion. Therefore, a custom product with involvement from learning specialists is likely to be superior to any other solutions on the market. If you want your school or business to prosper, an investment like this one is decisive.

Reason 2 for Getting Custom eLearning Software: Providing coding expertise

Providing coding expertise

The reason numerous apps fail in the modern markets lies in the absence of coding experience. Various advanced learning techniques require complex algorithms to function. Hence, a non-coder who tries to create such an app is likely to fail. Their solution will have countless bugs and a low-quality UI/UX. In this light, the addition of input from the coding specialists is essential. They can take the recommendations from learning experts and turn them into high-quality apps. For this reason, we advise outsourcing development to specialists in the majority of cases. The only reason not to do this is when you are sure about having sufficient expertise due to actually possessing extensive development experience. However, it’s absent in the case of many companies. 

Reason 3 for Getting Custom eLearning Software: Creating unique organization-specific solutions

Another major problem of the solutions developed for the general market is that they’re genuinely general. This means they target the market on the whole without taking the needs of specific audiences into consideration. For instance, Duolingo isn’t incorporated into any of the existing school curricula. Consequently, combining it with various programs is difficult. Knowledge overlap is minimal in the majority of those cases.

In this situation, many schools and companies don’t find tools capable of satisfying their needs on the market. As a result, they often end up creating makeshift solutions that are suboptimal in promoting their core methods. Custom software development is notable for its ability to change this trend once and for all. Colleges or businesses with unique training methods can contract custom education development companies and receive high-quality solutions in turn. The core benefit of those solutions is their ability to correspond to the needs of those organizations. For example, if they’re focusing on Montessori learning, then it’s crucial to have tools that fit this method. In short, unique learning frameworks greatly benefit from the use of custom software development. Investment in this sector can become a defining factor in differentiating from competitors.


To summarize, the modern EdTech sector has numerous significant problems. Above all, the majority of its solutions are low-quality because they don’t follow the proper recommendations of learning specialists. More importantly, many of them are also too general. Unique methods rarely appear in any professional software. At best, they’re covered by some amateur open-source frameworks. Consequently, there’s a major deficit of high-quality software on the market. Despite the seeming oversaturation of the EdTech market, it faces a major deficit in reality.

What can you do with this deficit? In our opinion, the solution is simple. You should try out custom software development to combine your education expertise with the coding knowledge of various specialists. What company should you choose? A good example is a business like Keenethics. In this regard, you must examine options with major development expertise, great experts, and advanced knowledge of education.