nandbox Messenger is Now Integrated With Zapier!

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Follow the step-by-step guide to integrate nandbox messenger with Zapier:

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects with more than 3000 apps such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and much more. By connecting apps, you can automate repetitive tasks by setting triggers and actions that follow, nandbox integration with Zapier will allow Zapier’s bot to detect any post published on your channel and automatically publish it on any app you choose: 

  • Zapier’s bot can tweet it on Twitter.

  • Send it as a message to a Slack group.

  • Send it as an email to your Gmail.

  • Publish it as a post on your Facebook.

  • There are many more apps that you can choose from!

1.) Create an account on Zapier.

2.) From the side menu, click on Zaps.

3.) Click on Make a New Zap.

4.) Search for nandbox.

5.) Choose the trigger: New Post in Channel.

6.) Connect a new account.

You will be asked for an API key.

7.) To get the API key, open nandbox messenger from your mobile phone, and tap the search icon.

8.) Search for Zapier and select the Zapier bot.

9.) Tap Start.

10.) Next, type /apikey in the chatbox and tap send.

11.) A key will be generated, copy the key.

14.) From your mobile phone, open nandbox messenger, open your channel and tap on the channel.

15.) Tap on Invite Administrators.

16.) Search for Zapier.

17.) Select the Zapier bot and tap the tick at the top of the screen.

18.) Next, tap on the Zapier bot.

19.) Tap the chat button.

20.) Type /add

21.) Zapier will confirm that it has been added as an admin.

Setting up nandbox as the action:

1.) Set the trigger from the different apps available on Zapier.

2.) In the action section, search for nandbox messenger.

3.) Choose to create a post in a channel.

4.) Choose your nandbox account.

5.) Select your nandbox channel.

6.) Set up the action.

7.) Click test and continue.

8.) Finally, turn on the zap!

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