Explore nandbox’s Powerful In-App Search Engine Capabilities

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The nandbox app builder is packed with many useful features, one of which is a powerful search engine. The developers at nandbox Inc. took special care when adding the search function. Because, let’s face it, no one likes to scroll endlessly unless it’s on a social media platform. This article discusses the nandbox search engine that native no-code app builder users can add and integrate into their mobile apps.

An Introduction to the nandbox Search Engine

Powered by ElasticSearch, it’s a powerful open-source search engine designed to provide quick, accurate results. Searching for content in the nandbox app builder is fast and easy, and the results are automatically filtered to match your query. The search engine is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so users can find what they’re looking for in no time.

The ElasticSearch engine, developed by ElasticSearch NV, is used by many renowned customers, like Slack, Uber, Microsoft, Adobe, and more.

But First, Does Your App Need a Powerful Search Engine?

Short answer? Yes, it does. Your app would be lacking without one, regardless of its type or category. Imagine using an e-commerce app but not being able to find blue jeans in the products section without scrolling through thousands of T-shirts. Or imagine searching for blue jeans and results coming up with orange T-shirts? A bummer, right?

It doesn’t only apply to products or e-commerce stores. Sometimes, you read an excellent article, like this one, and want to come back later to read it or show it to friends. Or when you want to find a message lost within hundreds of announcements on a channel. The list can go on quite a bit.

Benefits of a Good Search Engine in Your Apphttps

  1. It allows users to search for products or content within the app.
  2. It gives users access to relevant and up-to-date search results.
  3. It provides users with helpful filters to narrow down their search.
  4. It provides users with a list of related searches to explore.
  5. It enables users to save their search preferences for future use.
  6. It helps you retain users and prevent frustration and app deletion.
  7. It helps customers find what they’re looking for without contacting support.
  8. Allow searches to span multiple pages, categories, and sections.

Explore the Capabilities of the nandbox Search Bar

Main Features of the Search Feature

  1. The search engine can search over the mobile app and fetches results in seconds.
  2. You can enable text search, which allows users to search the entire app using a certain key phrase.
  3. You can also assign the search function using a specific criterion, like area, product, or country, to name some examples.
  4. You can select where your keyword will be searchable in your app, so if you check group, the search results will be displayed from groups, check all if you wish the search to be in every section of your app.

Configuring the Search Feature in Your App

First, you add the search feature to your app by dragging and dropping it into the home or side menu. You can find it under the Essentials module. A module is a set of features under one category, found on your right on the app builder.

Then, you can configure the feature by clicking on the gear icon. You’re free to name the search bar page and the text written inside the search bar itself.

You can also pick the color of the background image and the search icon.

Then, you can select users and search for their keywords. For example, you can make the engine search in groups only, stores only, or both.

Search filtering narrows down results for users, saving them time and effort. Add search filters, like location and type, for example. Then, you can make a certain channel appear under a specific filter. Example: Billy’s Channel is made for sharing recipes, so it will come up as a search result when users search for food under the food category.

An in-app search engine will take your app to a new level; we couldn’t think of an app type that wouldn’t benefit from it. And it’s just one feature that proves that the nandbox app builder puts functionality above all. The app you create is guaranteed to be fully operational and serviceable in whichever category it falls under. Sign up and try the nandbox app builder for free now!