Apps Created by Women That You Need to Know About

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Breaking Barriers: 8 Game-Changing Apps Created by Women

Nowadays, women are trying to leave a mark everywhere and in every industry and market. This, of course, is to compensate for their exclusion from many male-dominant industries for centuries. Fortunately, these years of exclusion are long gone with the new era of breaking barriers, joining the vast world of app development, and discovering all the unveiled perspectives. The inclusion of women in the app development industry was not only revolutionary, but it also significantly contributed to reshaping the technology landscape and the introduction of new and varied ideas. Join us as we dive into the world of female-led innovation and explore eight groundbreaking apps created by women. These are not only inspiring but also empowering millions around the globe. Get ready to be inspired by the creativity, resilience, and determination of these women as they break through boundaries and leave their mark on the app development industry.

The Rise of FemTech

FemTech is now a popular term that was actually coined by one of the developers mentioned in our article. Ida Tin is a renowned female entrepreneur who founded the app “Clue”. The term FemTech came to address a very important problem: the non-existence of technological and advanced solutions for any of the issues that face women on a daily basis, especially issues concerning health. Well, that is how it started, but not for long; it kept getting better and better. The exceptional rise of FemTech was a powerful start for many other solutions that were not limited to medical and health issues.

What came after was a wave of conquering and breaking all the norms that were set for the app development industry, which is a very male-dominant industry. Apps created by women for personal safety, fitness, communication, and many more started to emerge. It is also worth mentioning that many of these apps actually included men, whether as co-founders or developers. This proves that equality is very easy to attain if we give it a chance.

Why Is It Important for Women to Join the App Development Industry?

The answer to this question may be very long, but let’s try to keep it simple and brief. The first reason is that women bring diversity to the whole field. Every industry and field needs the perspective of a fresh and different mind from time to time. This, of course, is to keep up with all the changes occurring in either new technologies or trends. The inclusion of women in the app development industry accomplishes that. Women contribute a variety of viewpoints, concepts, skills, and fresh ideas to the app development industry. And as statistics show, most of the apps’ users are women. Thus, they would need someone to relate to their requirements and needs. Thus, this inclusion can help the industry better comprehend and serve a more extensive user base by having a more diverse workforce.

Another one of the major reasons is to inspire others. Women who work in the app development industry and apps created by women serve as sources of motivation and role models for other women and girls. Especially those who are interested in careers in technology and development. This visible and clear representation can help eliminate stereotypes and motivate more women to pursue careers in this industry. Our last reason is to address biases. Gender bias in the app development field is a result of the historically male-dominated nature of the technology sector. The more women are included in such a field, proving themselves each day, the better the chance of addressing and minimizing gender bias in the app development industry.

Conquering the Male-Dominant Industry: Successful Apps Made by Women



A queen bee is always in charge of the whole hive! Let us just say that Bumble is more than just a dating app. The app was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, a renowned female entrepreneur. It is a platform that gives women the power to take control of their dating experiences. Bumble gives women the authority to spark up discussions and interactions since it gives them the initial move, unlike conventional dating applications. In addition to breaking norms, this novel strategy has made online dating healthier and more respectable. Bumble has gained millions of members, and emerged as a major player in the world. And since then, it has taken the top spot among dating apps.

Hey Vina!

hey vina

Hey Vina! is a lifesaver in a world where meeting new friends might be difficult. This app was created by Jen Aprahamian and Olivia June Poole. The main aim of this app was to unite women who share similar interests for companionship and comfort. Hey Vina! invites women to form new friendships and develop strong communities and networks by providing a secure and welcoming environment. It has emerged as a shelter for women searching for deep and meaningful relationships in the modern digital age with features like interest-based matching and planned social gatherings.

Stitch Fix

Who seriously hasn’t had a problem with buying clothes? Well, this app is the magical solution to this dilemma. Stitch Fix, created by Katrina Lake, is transforming how people shop for clothes. This cutting-edge app blends technology with individual style to deliver tailored fashion tips right to your doorstep. Stitch Fix creates a customized clothing assortment by using machine learning and algorithms that take into account customer preferences, body types, and style preferences. This not only saves time but also makes the shopping experience very pleasurable and personalized. Stitch Fix has revolutionized the fashion sector and opened the door for a more practical and individualized approach to styling.



You might be surprised to learn that a woman co-founded the app and the most well-known design platform. Melanie Perkins, along with Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams, founded Canva in 2013. This app has made graphic design accessible and easy for everyone. Canva has made it possible for those with no design experience to create professional and polished images for a variety of uses thanks to its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop features. The app offers a large selection of themes, fonts, and visuals to pick from. Whether you’re creating social media posts, presentations, or marketing content. By democratizing graphic design, this app has changed how people and businesses produce visual content. It also made Melanie Perkins the youngest female CEO and tech entrepreneur to achieve such wide success.


Remember Ida Tin, the woman who coined the term FemTech? Well, here she is with her outstanding app! Ida Tin’s Clue app has made it simpler than ever to monitor menstrual cycles and comprehend women’s health. Users of Clue may keep tabs on their cycles, forecast fertile windows, and keep track of menstrual cycle symptoms. Clue assists women in developing a better awareness of their bodies and general health by revealing details about specific cycles and trends. This solved a great problem of a lack of health awareness and knowledge among many women around the world. This app has become an invaluable tool for millions of women worldwide thanks to its simple interface and a great library of useful and educational content.


Everyone’s personal safety should be a top priority, and Rich Larsen and his own daughter Charlen’s bSafe app is here to make sure that it is. Charlen Larsen was the victim of an inhumane rape incident, that left her with unbeatable guilt and trauma for years. The app came after a very hard time for both Rich and Charlen, as a way to overcome this traumatic experience and try to save other women from such incidents.

BSafe is one of the greatest personal safety apps, especially for women. The app offers a sense of protection in potentially dangerous circumstances with features like GPS tracking, emergency SOS alerts, and a network of trusted friends. By enabling users to share their location with friends and family, the app can transmit distress calls and get users help right away when they need it. This app aims to empower people—not only women but anyone in difficult situations. By utilizing technology, bSafe is elevating personal safety to the top of the list for users everywhere.

Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic, an app founded by Katherine Ryder, fills a need in women’s healthcare by offering simple and open-access telemedicine technology and services. Users of this app can consult with a network of medical specialists in women’s health, obtain medications, and access high-quality care from the comfort of their own homes. The themes covered by Maven Clinic’s app are diverse and include mental health, pregnancy, and general well-being. Maven Clinic is transforming how women receive healthcare, eliminating obstacles, and offering help when it’s most needed by applying technology.

Final Thoughts

The emergence of female-led app development has significantly changed both the tech sector and society at large. Women are not only altering industries with these cutting-edge apps created by women; they are also empowering people all across the world. Women are altering the future of technology by addressing certain problems and providing new viewpoints. We can expect the release of even more ground-breaking apps that address the needs and aspirations of individuals from all backgrounds as the app development industry broadens and becomes more open. Thanks to the creativity, persistence, and courage of female entrepreneurs who continue to shatter stereotypes and make an impact on the business, the future of app development is definitely promising.