Top Customer Loyalty Program Apps & How to Create Yours on nandbox!

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Top Customer Loyalty Program Apps & How to Create Yours on nandbox!

There are many apps that focus on marketing coupons and all kinds of rewards. Here, we collected the best 5 customer loyalty programs. You can use these apps or build your own using the nandbox app builder to increase sales or even make money by simply marketing coupons from other businesses.

When a mobile loyalty solution app is put into place, it helps both the business and the customer. At nandbox, we offer a loyalty program feature to all the app owners who use our service to help them increase engagement on their apps and gain popularity.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what the most popular loyalty apps have in common and what makes them stand out from the crowd so that we can better design our own.


The Best Customer Loyalty Apps

1. Amazon


People all throughout the world are loyal Amazon app customers. According to market researchers, Amazon Prime members account for nearly all of the company’s earnings since they spend four times as much as typical Amazon customers.

The Amazon Loyalty Program app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, provides members with countless advantages.


Benefits Of Using Amazon

1. You can easily exchange points for credit, gift cards, and trips.

2. Get 5% cash back on your purchases at

3. It’s simple to keep tabs on learnings via reward systems.

4. There are no hidden costs, such as annual or transaction fees.

2. Fivestars


The FiveStars app has been essential in helping small businesses attract more clients. Users of the app can earn rewards from more than 12,000 local businesses by using this single app to make their purchases.

The app makes it easier to give rewards to users by using advanced automation technology that is both smart and powerful. When a customer reaches a certain point in their reward trip, the app will automatically deliver them rewards if they have been tracked by the app, which is keeping track of them.


Benefits Of Using Fivestars

  1. Upon entering, regulars are instantly identified
  2. A much more user-friendly interface
  3. Points redeemable for merchandise and freebies
  4. Linked with 12,000 local shops.


3. Starbucks

When it came out in 2009, the Starbucks customer loyalty app quickly became the industry standard because it worked better than the apps of other big restaurant chains.

The Starbucks loyalty app was the most popular of all the big players in the drinks industry. The app has an impressive twenty-four million active users in the United States alone. People think their product is great in terms of how well it engages users, how well it serves customers, and how well it works overall in the digital world.


Benefits Of Using Starbuck

1. Notifies you of discounts and new offers

2. Signing up and placing an order couldn’t be simpler.

3. Easier access to information about users’ reward points

4. Alternative methods of payment are available.


4. Shopkick

The Shopkick app, which first appeared on the market in 2009, currently has more than 10 million active users. Shopkick is the most popular shopping app because it lets people find new products and get rewards by scanning their receipts.

The app has made deals with a lot of big stores, like Amazon, Starbucks, Huggies, Walmart, and many more. Customers get rewards, which are usually called “kicks,” just for walking into a store while using Shopkick. Additionally, they are rewarded for checking out and purchasing products.


Benefits Of Using Shopkick

  1. Earn cash reward on every shopping.
  2. Promotional Reward for Signing Up.
  3. Commission for referring a friend.
  4. The lowest amount for withdrawal.


5. Dunkin


Since it was first released in January 2014, the Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty customer app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The Dunkin’ Donuts rewards app lets you order while you’re on the go and gives you gift cards, menus, location finders, and nutritional information.

It also comes with rewards. The app’s user interface is very powerful, and its look and feel are always in line with what the brand stands for.


Benefits Of Using Dunkin

  1. Using the app does not demand signing up first.
  2. Locations to shop around me and their distance from me.
  3. Discounts for all categories.
  4. Explanatory Tutorial for new users.

The best customer loyalty apps create memorable interactions between the brand and the consumer. If clients are satisfied, they will tell others about your company. As a result, companies should reward loyal customers who bring in new ones. As a result of this incentive, the consumers act as marketers for free.

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