How to Use the Channels Feature in nandbox Messenger

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Get The Best Out of Your Channels!

Do you want to get the most out of nandbox Messenger? We thought so. Messenger channel is a fundamental feature in nandbox Messenger. They’re a unique way to share information about a particular topic while still maintaining control. Keep reading to learn how to use them in nandbox Messenger.

What are Channels?

Channels enable you to broadcast messages to an unlimited audience. They’re perfect for organizing discussions and following topics or individuals of interest. Messages are displayed in a feed from newest to oldest.

How Does Messenger Channel Work?

nandbox Messenger allows you to create Channels for business or personal use. Either way, you’re always in control of access and privacy.

  • Privacy: Set a Channel as private or public. Public Channels are searchable by category within the app. In conclusion, anyone can join or invite others to join a public Channel.
  • Sharability: A unique QR code and share link are automatically generated when a new public Channel is created.
  • Moderation: Only Channel administrators can publish posts, view member comments, add new administrators, and change Channel privacy settings.
  • Posting and Notifications: Anyone can recall (un-send) their messages, leave comments, share posts, and mute or un-mute them.
  • Versatility: Share text and multimedia such as video, audio, and PDF documents. You can preview media files within the app and save them to the nandbox Messenger gallery or download them to your mobile device.

Why Should I Use Channels?

  • Send messages and files to several people at once.
  • No group size limitations.
  • Easy-to-follow message feed.
  • Strict privacy control.
  • No need to select message recipients.
  • In-app file-sharing and previewing.
  • Recall messages at any time.

Create or join a Channel today!

Above all, we want to hear from you! What do you love most about Channels?

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