10 Best Apps to Help You Read More Books in Less Time

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Seeking to improve your reading experience with the ideal app? Our guide delves into a selection of superior reading apps to help you read more, detailing both their free and premium versions, along with the various features they offer tailored to diverse reading tastes. Whether you’re looking for the best book app for iPhone, Android devices, or other platforms, prepare yourself to discover the ultimate app that aligns with your specific needs for reading.

Key takeaways

  • Free reading apps to help you read more like Kindle, Wattpad, Libby, and Kobo provide access to vast libraries and customizable features to enhance your reading experience without any cost.
  • Paid apps to help you read more such as Headway and Scribd offer premium features, including concise book summaries and unlimited access to diverse content, making them worthwhile investments for serious readers.
  • Specialized apps to help you read more like ComiXology for comics, Epic! for kids, and Serial Reader for classic literature cater to niche reading preferences, ensuring tailored and enjoyable reading experiences for everyone.

Enhance your reading experience with free reading apps

Enhance your reading experience with free reading apps

Book reading apps to help you read more that are free provide an excellent opportunity to delve into a vast array of books without incurring any cost. These applications grant you entry to an extensive selection of complimentary literature, encompassing both timeless classics and contemporary titles. With the luxury of having an entire digital library within reach, you can immerse yourself in reading whether at work, on your daily commute, or while jet-setting around the globe—all without lugging around physical copies. Additionally, many of these apps offer free books, making it easy to find and enjoy free literature.

These free book-reading programs also include a host of customizable features for fine-tuning your visual preferences like text size, font styles, and background colors. Such customization options promise an individualized reading experience ensuring maximum comfort tailored specifically for you.

We introduce some top-tier selections among the best ebook apps to help you read more available for gratis reading. From general-purpose ones providing access to diverse genres to specialized platforms enhancing specific aspects of your literary adventure. These advanced tools offer everything necessary to optimize engagement with written content—absolutely free.

Kindle app

The Amazon Kindle app stands out among the many free reading apps to help you read more available, offering compatibility with a range of devices such as:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • Android

The app boasts a massive library of books, magazines, and audiobooks, providing an extensive collection of content for all types of readers.

This all-encompassing app ensures a fluid reading experience across various platforms. It empowers users to synchronize their place in the text so they can resume their session on any supported device without losing track.

Incorporating functionalities like customizable text sizing, an integrated dictionary, and the advanced X-Ray feature that provides depth into character backgrounds and plot elements, this is an essential tool for book enthusiasts eager to enrich their immersion in literature.


Wattpad distinguishes itself as a platform fueled by the collective enthusiasm of writers and readers alike. It’s accessible across multiple devices, including iOS and Android, to its web presence. The diversity is remarkable with genres that span:

  • romance
  • science fiction
  • poetry
  • comedy

This space is exceptionally conducive for independent authors while also serving as an excellent launchpad for aspiring writers who may gain recognition and monetize their work through it.

By merging the acts of reading and writing into one seamless experience, Wattpad presents itself as a premier destination for those eager to dive into fresh narratives and champion up-and-coming writers.

Libby by OverDrive

For those who love to borrow from their local library, Libby by OverDrive is an invaluable resource. With just your library card, you gain entry to a wide array of books and periodicals. The app facilitates various features, such as:

  • listening to audiobooks
  • underlining text passages
  • marking pages for reference
  • performing searches in the texts of borrowed items

Libby epitomizes the blend of traditional library appeal with the ease provided by digital reach, making it ideal for bibliophiles who desire access at their fingertips.


The Kobo platform excels in delivering a personalized reading experience with its wide-ranging collection of ebooks and audiobooks. It surpasses Kindle by enabling consumers to compare ebook prices from different retailers, potentially leading to cost savings. With support for numerous file types such as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF, it offers the flexibility to enjoy reading material acquired from various suppliers seamlessly.

Additionally, Kobo supports offline reading, allowing users to download books and read them without an internet connection.

Kobo stands out as an ideal option for those seeking a flexible and easy-to-navigate reading journey. Its diverse library caters well to individual taste and provides ample opportunity for book enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite pastime efficiently.

Although there are excellent free reading apps available, opting for paid reading applications can significantly enhance your literary journey. They offer a wealth of features such as sizeable curated libraries, personalized recommendations, and extra tools that make the cost worthwhile for devoted readers.

Notable among premium options are Headway and Scribd—each app provides distinctive benefits to users. If you desire succinct summaries of books or wish to delve into an expansive collection with unrestricted entry, these platforms deliver those services adeptly. Explore what distinguishes these top-tier paid reading apps from their no-cost counterparts.



Headway book summary app caters to avid learners who are pressed for time, offering succinct synopses of best-selling books. It enables users to swiftly comprehend the core concepts and provides personalized daily insights along with tailored reading lists, ensuring that continuous education is both manageable and pleasurable.

Audio versions of these summaries present an efficient means for assimilating knowledge during a busy schedule. This makes Headway an essential resource for those who wish to maintain their learning journey without compromising on time efficiency.


Scribd provides boundless access to an extensive collection that includes a vast array of:

  • books
  • audiobooks
  • magazines
  • and much more

Through a monthly membership fee, Scribd offers you tailored suggestions and the ability to read content offline so your next great read is always within reach. Additionally, Scribd features a reading progress tracker, allowing you to monitor your progress while reading ebooks and other content. Subscribers gain access to sheet music along with different kinds of documents, positioning Scribd as an all-encompassing hub for diverse readers.

For those seeking an abundant trove of materials readily available, Scribd stands out as a valuable resource.

Specialized apps to help you read more for different reading preferences

Specialized apps to help you read more for different reading preferences

The reading experience varies widely among individuals, and there are dedicated apps for every type of reader to ensure they find content that resonates with their interests. Whether your passion lies in the pages of graphic novels, children’s stories, or time-honored classics, you’re guaranteed to discover an app that’s custom-made just for your literary appetite. We’re going to delve into a selection of reading apps to help you read more designed specifically for distinct types of readers and explore how these platforms can enhance the pleasure derived from reading.

Take a look at some examples such as:

  • ComiXology delivers an extensive range of comics and graphic novels right at your fingertips.
  • Epic!, which stands out as a child-friendly digital library packed with youthful reads.
  • Serial Reader offers up classical literature in bite-sized daily installments tailored for ease of consumption.

Each one is equipped with features thoughtfully developed to appeal directly to its intended audience segment. Learn about ways in which these specialized applications aim not only to meet specific preferences but also augment the joys associated with diving into different worlds through words.


For those passionate about comic books, ComiXology stands out as the premier app. Boasting a vast library that encompasses more than 230,000 comics, graphic novels, and manga from leading publishers such as DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics. The integrated Guided View technology enhances the reading experience by seamlessly adapting comic book content for digital device screens.

ComiXology caters to a wide audience. It’s an essential platform, whether you’re well-versed in the world of comics or are just beginning your journey into this vivid storytelling medium. It provides something captivating for every level of comic book aficionado.


Epic! is an exceptional application tailored for children, delivering a secure and captivating digital library that boasts more than 40,000 books, educational videos, and audiobooks. With the aim of making reading enjoyable and informative, Epic! tailors recommendations to suit each child’s interests and proficiency in reading.

Through a parental dashboard within the app, guardians can monitor their kid’s advancement in reading. This feature helps maintain active learning engagement among young users. For households striving to cultivate a passion for reading amongst their youngsters, Epic! represents an ideal option.

Serial Reader

For individuals with hectic schedules who struggle to make time for classic literature, Serial Reader offers an ideal solution. This app divides timeless books into manageable 20-minute episodes of reading that can effortlessly become part of your daily activities. It enriches the reading experience by providing functionalities such as text highlighting, the ability to take notes, and access to relevant background information.

Immerse yourself in literary masterpieces without feeling swamped, thanks to Serial Reader.

Productivity and habit-building tools

Apps dedicated to reading do more than simply facilitate content consumption. They also promote the development of constructive reading routines. Bookly, Read More, and Habitica are among apps engineered not only to keep a close watch on your literary habits but also to spur you on towards steady reading practice. By delivering analytics, documenting advancements, and adding elements of playfulness to the activity of reading, these applications ensure that readers remain stimulated and adhere firmly to their schedules.

Setting goals for yourself, keeping an eye on your improvement in real time, and getting into a consistent pattern of behavior around books can all significantly enhance how productive you are when it comes to reading. We’re going to delve into how each one of these applications can aid in forging robust practices for scheduled literature engagement as well as make every moment spent with a book count maximally.

Productivity and habit-building tools


The Bookly app is designed to assist users in monitoring their reading behaviors and accomplishing their reading objectives. It offers the capability for users to establish goals for reading, monitor their pace of reading, and gain access to tailored statistics throughout their sessions of engagement with books.

Bookly encourages you with notifications that prompt you to engage in your book and visual representations that illustrate your advancement in reading, ensuring you stay driven and aligned with achieving your literary benchmarks.

Read More

The Read More app delivers a comprehensive analysis of your reading patterns through detailed statistics. It enables users to establish and track their reading objectives within the application, facilitating a better grasp of their reading practices for enhancement purposes.

Read More assists in maintaining consciousness about one’s advancement by providing data on personal reading habits, thus promoting regular and increased engagement with books among its users.


The app Habitica transforms the development of reading habits into an entertaining and captivating activity. It encourages users to conquer extensive To-Be-Read (TBR) lists and organize their reading schedules efficiently through the inclusion of adventure-style tasks.

Habitica takes a gaming approach to establishing reading routines, making it pleasurable for users to maintain dedication toward achieving their literary objectives.

eBook platforms with extensive libraries

Readers in search of platforms boasting expansive libraries that accommodate a multitude of file formats will find apps to help you read more such as Apple Books and Rakuten Kobo to be stellar selections. They provide ample arrays of eBooks and audiobooks, coupled with adaptable reading settings designed to elevate the overall reading experience.

Whether your inclination is towards the intuitively designed interface offered by Apple Books or you’re drawn to Rakuten Kobo’s vast repository along with its adjustable functionalities, these applications are tailored for varied literary tastes, promising an engaging read whenever desired. We’ll delve into the characteristics that distinguish these prominent eBook services.

Apple Books

Pre-loaded on every iPhone, Apple Books provides an elegant and intuitive platform. It comes with amenities such as animations that mimic the turning of pages, the capability for Family Sharing, and compatibility with the widely-used ePub format to make reading a smooth and delightful experience.

Apple Books serves readers of all kinds, accommodating those who read for enjoyment or education alike.

Rakuten Kobo

The ebook app from Rakuten Kobo offers a vast array of ebooks and audiobooks, tailoring the reading experience to suit each user’s personal tastes. It accommodates different file formats and provides functionality such as Bluetooth connectivity, enabling listeners to enjoy audiobooks via wireless headphones. In a market where apps like Google Play Books are also vying for attention, Rakuten Kobo remains a favored option among book enthusiasts.

Rakuten Kobo stands out as an excellent selection for those seeking an enriched and adaptable reading journey with its commitment to delivering a tailored service.

Tips for integrating reading apps into your workflow

Incorporating reading apps into your daily routine can enhance your ability to read more regularly and optimize the time you spend on reading. Consider scheduling reading as a routine task in your daily agenda, which could involve allocating time for it early in the morning or just before going to sleep to foster a consistent habit.

Take advantage of idle moments like commutes or waiting periods by diving into a few chapters using these apps. Swapping out thirty minutes typically spent on social media with reading time can promote increased engagement with books throughout your day. Following this advice will allow you to effortlessly integrate the practice of reading into even the most hectic timetable.


To summarize, the marketplace is abundant with a variety of reading apps designed to suit diverse tastes, financial considerations, and literary routines. Ranging from cost-free options such as Kindle and Wattpad to subscription-based platforms like Headway and Scribd, along with niche-focused applications like ComiXology and Epic!, there is an app tailored for every reader.

Delving into these apps and incorporating them into your daily schedule can significantly elevate your experience of reading. You are encouraged to experiment with several of these apps to determine which align best with your preferences. Enjoy your enhanced journey through the world of books!

Frequently asked questions

What are the best free reading apps?

Investigate a variety of free reading applications such as the Kindle app, Wattpad, Libby by OverDrive, and Kobo. These apps provide access to an extensive collection of books and offer opportunities to tailor your reading experience.

How do I choose a reading app that suits my needs?

When selecting an app for reading, take into account your personal taste in literature and the kinds of genres that captivate you. Think about the particular functions that are crucial to enhancing your reading experience. Look at what other users have to say about different apps and don’t hesitate to experiment with several options to determine which one aligns most closely with your preferences.

Can I use these apps offline?

Certainly, it’s possible to enjoy your reading experience uninterrupted by utilizing apps such as Kindle, Libby, and Scribd in offline mode. This can be done by downloading the books beforehand so that you can read them even when an internet connection is unavailable.

How can I integrate reading into my daily routine?

Incorporate the practice of reading into your everyday schedule by penciling it into your calendar, taking advantage of times during commutes or waits, and substituting periods spent on social media with engaging in reading activities. Leverage applications such as Bookly and Habitica to monitor your advancement and cultivate habits centered around reading.

Are there any kid-friendly reading apps?

Indeed, Epic! stands out as a top-notch reading application tailored for kids, boasting an expansive library of more than 40,000 books along with educational videos and audiobooks. It offers a secure and captivating space that encourages children to delve into the world of reading.