nandbox at MWC 2020: Microservices for Digital Transformation with Limitless Connectivity

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The Future Is Here!

MWC 2020 — For the second consecutive year, nandbox takes part in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next to the world’s top minds. Under the theme: “Limitless Intelligent Connectivity,” the Canadian digital platform will showcase its no-code App builder – which enables creating mobile apps instantly, and with no upfront cost. However, nandbox is bringing more to the table this year. In Hall 7 Stand 7J51, nandbox will stage its new microservices platform targeting businesses that seek digital transformation and monetizing their digital services.

“This has been a mobile era, but the gap is huge when comparing the number of websites to mobile apps. We’ve got the solution to streamline mobile apps for everyone,” says Dragos Ragalie, nandbox’s director of business development. “The recent version of nandbox now streamlines mobile commerce, neither coding nor infrastructure is required. Whether with Stripe, or Paypal, integrating with payment gateways has never been easier,” Ragalie added.


MWC 2020: Easier operations, more opportunities

With its latest version launched in Jan 2020, the nandbox digital platform brings a whole extra level of M-commerce to businesses. By leveraging a robust microservice architecture, flexible payment operations can take place easily through nandbox’s users’ created apps. Hence, catching up with the fast-changing market needs is no longer a challenge, “especially when promoted by events like MWC 2020,” as stated by Dragos Ragalie. No matter what the business size is; From huge mobile operators to micro-businesses, the nandbox digital platform enables the growth of all partners.

“We not only help businesses to take their web presence to further accessible channels like mobile apps. But we also empower them with more control, agility, and security over their nandbox-built apps,” Ragalie assures.

nandbox: Digital transformation with microservices realizing limitless connectivity

The no-code app builder of nandbox supports reliable API integrations with different payment gateways, back-end systems, and external applications. Its extensive microservice infrastructure adopts enterprise-level solutions for mobile operators to come up with new value-added services for businesses to improve their customer experience. Meanwhile, over two million users are leveraging the proven technology of nandbox Digital Platform.

Meet Dragos Ragalie and the recent version of nandbox Digital Platform at MWC 2020, in Hall 7 Stand 7J51.

GSMA, the producer of the MWC event series, canceled the event on February 12, due to fears of  Coronavirus outbreak.