Introducing Group Chats in nandbox Messenger

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Taking Group Chats To The Next Level!

Group chats just got supersized! You can use nandbox Messenger to communicate with 2 to 10,000 people at a time in a group chat. Group chats are convenient for planning events, keeping in touch with mutual friends, organizing soccer practices, and so much more. Group chats have been enlarged to include up to 10,000 members, create a group chat for work or personal use. share, send and invite.

Send Text and Multimedia Messages in Group Chats

Group chats are just as versatile as regular chats! Feel free to share and enjoy all sorts of media and attachments without ever leaving the app.

Try sharing photos, songs, voice messages, and videos. You can either record new ones while in the app or select existing ones from your phone’s gallery. You can also send documents, contact information, location, and links (URLs) with previews.

Reply to Specific Posts in Group Chats

Group conversations are super easy to follow in nandbox Messenger. This is because you can choose to reply directly to specific posts. These replies are hidden until you select the original post. The replies will appear in a new screen, which cuts down on visual clutter.


More Personal, More Private, More People

nandbox Messenger supports group chats for businesses and individuals. Feel free to personalize each group chat with a name, display picture, description, and category classification. Group chat admin can change these details anytime.

Your chat group can be public or private. A public chat is the best option if you want to allow members to invite other people to join. If not, make it a private group. Only chat admin will be able to invite new members to a private group. But don’t worry, you can always change these settings later on.

There’s so much more to love about group chatting in nandbox Messenger. Give it a try, and share your thoughts and suggestions below!

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