Creating Your First App with nandbox: A 2023 Beginner’s Guide

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How To Make An App For Beginners With nandbox [2023 Guide]

There are many ways to start developing an app. You can learn how to code yourself, or you can hire a developer to do it for you. You can also do it with nandbox app builder without any coding knowledge or hiring processes. That is why we will go over all of the steps for creating an app for beginners with nandbox app builder here.

nandbox App Builder is a powerful tool for creating mobile applications without any programming knowledge. trusted by over 10,000 clients and 4 million app users, nandbox allows users to build apps using drag and drop. You can easily add features to your app from our list of +450 features.

Let’s take it step-by-step through the whole app creation process before jumping into how to make an app for beginners with nandbox. Because shaping your idea correctly will make the technical aspect so much faster.

Why Make An App?

There are many reasons why people would want to create their own apps. One of the most obvious reasons is that they can help others.

If someone is having trouble finding something, then they could use an app to find what they need. At the same time, apps are money-making machines that allow you to earn money indefinitely.

There are many apps out there that provide useful information about various topics, including news, multi-vendor stores, sports scores, chat groups, and much more.

To Create An App For Yourself Or Someone Else, Here Are Some Things To Consider:

How Much Time Is Required To Build A Mobile App?

With nandbox technology, It takes anywhere from 15 minutes to one day to complete building an app. Because it depends on your customization’s vision and complexity. To ease this process, nandbox offers fully detailed documentation to help you at all stages of working on your app to be ready for publishing as soon as.

How Much Money Is Needed To Build An App?

The price of an app varies based on the type of app. But with nandbox, it’s free to start, and you are able to edit and build your app in a matter of minutes. Even our paid plans begin at $49 per month.

Which is way less than the cost of hiring a developer with some skill level. Developing an application can cost up to $10,000, plus additional fees for every minor update,

Your budget is a critical element in identifying your way but as we talk about how to make an app for beginners with nandbox. You will find in your nandbox app builder’s dashboard, a cost and time calculator to know how much time and money you saved by using nandbox compared to other solutions.


What Do You Want To Accomplish?


Do you want to create an educational app that teaches people how to play guitar or a fun game that lets kids learn math facts? Do you want to create an events app that shows what time it is in different cities around the world?

Or maybe you want to create a community app that helps people find the best deals at local restaurants. Whatever your idea might be, think about what kind of app would help you achieve your goal.

Who Will Use Your App?

Think about who might use your app. Will it be a parent looking for a quick reference guide to teach their child how to read? Or will it be a business owner trying to attract customers to his or her store? Maybe it will be a teacher looking for a tool to help students study for tests. Once you know who your target audience is, you’ll be able to design your app accordingly.

What Features Should Your App Have?

Once you’ve decided what type of app you’d like to build, think about what features you need to add to make your app unique. Is there something specific that you want your app to offer that no other app does? Perhaps you want your app to allow users to share pictures or videos directly from their phones. Or you want your app to let users rate products they buy. Think about what features you want to include in your app before you start coding.

nandbox app builder offers more than 450 features, that you can include in your app by just dragging and dropping.

The Trending Features In Our Library Are:

And you can know and learn about each one of them in detail by discovering our documentation.

By understanding the what, who, and why. You’ll be able to picture your app in your head, which will hasten your learning of how to create a beginner’s app with nandbox.

How To Make An App For Beginners?

  • Firstly, log in to
  • Click get started.
  • Choose any premade app template or start with a blank one.
  • Design your app and add features.
  • Add features to the home and side menus.
  • Go to your app settings and edit it with your information. And if you needed any help with this. Please read our App setting documentation.
  • After you built your app, it’s time to start the process of publishing the app on Android and iOS.


  • If at any point, you wanted to change your whole app idea, you can simply click start over and restart your building process.

Last but not least, you can read our nandbox app builder documentation, if you need any help navigating the app builder. Try nandbox and build your app today.