How to Create a User-Centric Super App Design

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Developing a Super App With nandbox: Is It Really Possible?

Guess what I’m talking about: it shines like the sun, feels like number one? Well, it is not the super trouper lights; however, it is still super. Super apps are the recent software trend that has been taking the world by storm and literally shining like the sun. Many users refer to “super apps” as everything they need and even more. That is because super apps are developed in a way that will cover every aspect and service that a user would need throughout their daily lives; they are simply super. In this article, we will not only dive into super apps but also the super app design and the structure behind such apps. We will also give you a step-by-step guide to how to develop your super app with nandbox.

An Overview of Super App Design

Super apps started to rise in many Asian countries and made their way to take over the world. Given the increasing number of apps, people are now getting frustrated with the large number they need to use throughout the day. That is why developers thought about getting the best of both worlds. They gathered all core features into one app while also adding some extra and mini features. The idea instantly gained praise and wide recognition. Apps like WeChat, which started as a messaging app, started to evolve and modify their whole design and structure to transform into super apps. The transformation was very effective and efficient and achieved outstanding success.

Key Elements of an Effective Super App Design

The main principle in the super app’s design is to provide users with the most seamless and easy navigation experience. Since super apps came as a solution to reduce the clutter of the large number of apps found on any mobile device, they have to be easy to use and navigate. Developers aim to reduce any causes of user frustration, not give them another thing to be frustrated about. That is why the first and foremost element in any super app design is to simplify the layout. Users need to access all the core and extra or mini features and find them easily.

This can be achieved through flexible design, precise labeling of features, and easy-to-use menus and buttons. By prioritizing user experience and making navigation as smooth as possible, you can create a more enjoyable and satisfying experience for your users.

The second element of an effective super app design is personalization and customization options. The ability to tailor and enhance the app for each user is what makes super apps truly exceptional. Users must have the option to personalize the app to their liking. Thus, they should be capable of setting their preferences and selecting their themes. Providing users with the ability to personalize their experience according to their preferences can increase satisfaction and user retention.

Main Features That Must Be Included in a Super App Design


The main feature you’d find and need to include in your super app is messaging. A messaging feature is the core of super apps, as the main aim of such apps is to provide users with a communication channel. Since people rely heavily and entirely on messaging apps, it is the ideal choice. This feature will allow users to communicate with each other in chats. The user will easily sync all his contacts and be able to engage with anyone on the application. To take the matter a bit further and give it a bit of spice, you can also include audio and video calling, chat groups, and channels to strengthen communication among the app’s users.

Map Search and Tracking


The majority of super apps include food delivery and transportation services in their apps. Thus, map search and tracking are other key features to include in your super app. This allows users to easily find and track locations, whether it’s for stores, delivery services, or transportation services. By integrating map search and tracking, you can provide users with real-time information about their location and the locations of the nearest services they are looking for.

In-App Search

As we mentioned above, you should be giving users another reason to be frustrated. Since the super app design is based upon the idea of including a mixture of core features, it is very possible that the app will include a lot of content and information to view. Hence, it is very important to include a powerful in-app search feature to make it easy for users to go through all the features and content found in the application. The in-app search app might also include filters to allow users to narrow down the results they get.



Another core feature of any super app design is the store. A built-in store feature serves many functions and services in the super app. Thus, it is considered a very important element when it comes to super app design. The store function is important to the e-commerce services that the majority of super apps offer. Users can create their own mini-store within the app and display their products. It could also be used to operate food and grocery delivery services where local restaurants can display all their menus and users can buy and order. The store function is crucial for e-commerce services in super apps, allowing users to create mini-stores and offering last-mile delivery options for a complete shopping experience.


Newsfeeds are a must-have in any super-app design. Super apps not only aim to provide users with the main services they would need, but they also aim to provide them with a platform where they can learn about different topics and news from all around the world. The newsfeed serves as a social media and communication platform. One user will be able to post about any topic they find interesting, and others can easily interact and engage with the shared content. This feature contributes greatly to enhancing the user experience.

Events Booking

Another important feature to include in your super app is event booking. This allows users to easily browse and book tickets for events. Such as concerts, sports games, and any other hot event going around. By integrating event booking into your app, you can provide users with a convenient and streamlined way to plan their activities. You can also offer personalized recommendations based on their past bookings and preferences. Which makes it easier for them to discover new events they may be interested in.



A digital wallet and many payment methods should be included in your super app. This enables users to make payments and financial transactions like transferring or receiving money. It also makes it simple for users to make purchases inside the app. By integrating e-wallets with any third-party vendors, you can provide users with a secure and convenient way to make transactions without having to leave the app. Additionally, you can add extra features like transaction history and balance tracking that can help users keep track of their spending and manage their finances more effectively.

Need to Develop a Super App? nandbox Got Your Back!

Wow, what a long (yet great) journey through the numerous features of a super app! As much as super apps can be efficient and very effective, the application of a practical super app design is also very costly and requires great effort. Well, is there any way developing a super app would be easy? Some say it is impossible; there is no easy way to accomplish such a complicated process. However, there is nothing impossible with no-code development, especially with nandbox! Nandbox is the leading no-code app-building platform and the only one in the market that offers developing native apps at an affordable cost.

What makes nandbox special is that it contains a great collection of features, including everything that makes a great super app. Let us not waste time; we will guide you step-by-step into developing a super app with nandbox!

1.) Choose a Template and Create Your Account

Totally expected as the first step. However, before you get started with registration, you’ll get to choose a template. You’d find several app categories, like communication and news, as well as mockups or replicas of the top applications in each category. After choosing the template, you will get to sign up with your name, email, and password. You will enjoy a 14-day free trial, and then you will get to choose from the three pricing plans that start at $49 a month only!

2.) It is Customization Time!

Now that you are in, you will first get to the branding and personalization page. This is where you will get to choose your app’s icon, name, and colors. Make sure to choose a unique super app design and branding that reflects your app’s vision and sets you apart from other apps on the market.

3.) Add All the Features You Want

Now it is time for the part that we are very excited about adding all the necessary features! The nandbox app builder incorporates an intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to make it easy for users to control and modify everything. There are nine feature categories on the app builder that vary from social to communication, privacy, and booking. These categories include all the features that you could wish for to develop a great super app and even more. You will find the booking feature, messaging, channels, audio and video calling, QR scanning, a built-in store, and many more. You will drag and drop whichever feature you want, and you are good to go.

4.) Test and Release

Now that everything is done, you can test your app, confirm it is ready for people to enjoy, and release it. Another benefit that nandbox provides users with is streamlined testing and publishing processes. The nandbox app builder was able to effectively compile all the codes needed to test and publish iOS and Android apps. This allowed the app builder to gather all the steps required to accomplish both steps and allow users to go through them from the app builder itself without any external intervention. It only takes a matter of minutes.

Final Thoughts

A super app can be a great idea to consider. However, if you are experiencing the whole app development process for the first time, you might face some difficulties. Luckily, no code developments now give everyone the complete opportunity to develop apps and go creative with them. Same as super apps gave people the perfect solution to finding everything they needed in only one place. We can’t forget to mention nandbox and how it is the ideal way if you are looking to develop a super app with minimal costs, high functionality and scalability, and very little time. With many features and a simple and enjoyable app development process, you can rest assured that you will develop an exceptional app that people will remember forever. Swing into action and be the first one to offer people the premium functionality of a super app. Try the app builder now!