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nandbox features: Newsfeed

Communication is the key to everything. It’s one thing that makes everything almost possible. A great factor that can be seen in any app is a window to communication. Whether users talk to each other, admins talk to users, or admins talk to admins, it proved that this is a good way to improve the user experience and build a connection. In this article, you’ll see the benefits of the posts and feed feature, how to use it, and how to create an app and effectively integrate the feature within your app

What is the Post Feature?

Posts, newsfeeds, or sometimes activity feeds—all are multiple names for the same great feature. The post feature is presented in the form of an in-app forum. It is usually used for engaging with customers, and it also keeps the user up to date with everything going on in the app or even elsewhere. It’s your free space to engage with your users the way you like it, whether with images, text, videos, GIFs, or any other format. This has a positive impact on user engagement and overall user satisfaction.

This feature will allow you to have an instant feed on your app. Users will be able to interact with your posts by liking, sharing, or writing comments, which admins will be able to see and also respond to. The posts module is not only limited to social apps; you can create an app for eCommerce, health, education, and many more, and integrate the module into it.


Posts and Feed Module Benefits


  1. Building customer loyalty, by providing unique and novel content, can build a relationship and bond between you and your customers.
  2. Increase user engagement.
  3. Create a routine for your app’s users by encouraging them to check back frequently for updates, almost making it a daily habit.


How to Integrate the Feature Within Your App


1. News Apps

With the digitalization of everything, almost every well-known newspaper and platform has shifted to the use of apps. So, is it really beneficial, and how to build a news app?

News applications have gained major popularity over the years. People prefer it because it’s more accessible, fast, and interactive.

The posts module is an essential component of any new application because it serves as the central hub for posting news and updates on an hourly basis. You can attach an image or video as well to make it more trustworthy and reliable, and you also have the capability of customizing the feed. You can create tags for each interest, such as fashion or politics, and assign users according to their interests. This can be a useful way to target a specific segment of your users. You can find out more about tags here.


2. Education/School App

The posts module can be a great addition to any education or school app. These kinds of fields have a number of updates throughout the day; for example, in the school app, there can be an emergency or a canceled class. You need a space to post these updates and for them to reflect instantly. It also gives students the freedom to interact and express themselves.


3. Healthcare App

As the healthcare app industry is evolving rapidly, the post module can be significantly beneficial for healthcare apps, not only for patients but also for doctors or caregivers. The posts module can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a space to provide health education, information, and updates in the medical field. It can also be used to communicate with patients to get feedback and be able to evaluate caregivers.


The options for using the posts feature are limitless. You can integrate it in any way and for any purpose, and it would be a great advantage. You can accomplish this and more swiftly and easily in the nandbox app builder by simply dragging and dropping the posts feature into your app. and therefore you can create whatever app you would like: e-commerce, health, or news. Swing into action and try the nandbox app builder for free right now!