Wallet-Draining Apps: The Most Expensive Apps on the App Store

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Wallet-Draining Apps: The Most Expensive Apps on the App Store

The App Store is a great source of entertainment and software tools, and it is effortless to find an app to help you in any daily activity nowadays. However, some applications come with a big price tag. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most expensive apps available on the App Store. From luxury lifestyle apps to high-end video editing software, the variety of apps offered at such high prices will certainly amaze you. 

What Makes an App Expensive?

Before getting into our list, we should answer a very important question. What makes an app expensive? Or, to put it another way, how does an app developer determine the price of an app? There are many factors that can affect why apps can cost so much. Firstly, the development cost of the app may have been high. The entire app development process, from app name to app design to app functionality and even maintenance, is the most important factor that can significantly affect the app price. For instance, if an app contains much content, many functions, and a complex user interface, this increases the app’s degree of complexity, which, in turn, increases the cost of the development process.

In addition, some apps also require you to pay a subscription fee or make in-app purchases to get access to extra services or content. This also contributes to the app’s price, despite the fact that it is available in the app store for free to users.  Finally, the app may be exclusive or a luxury item, which drives up the cost.

1. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is powerful video editing software created by Apple’s professional editors. It is a comprehensive suite of tools that allows users to create high-quality videos that look like they produced them in a professional studio. The app is technically not for beginners but more for professionals, as people were able to produce and create movies and music videos through it. It is also a tad difficult to use. It comes with a wide range of editing features, from basic to advanced, as well as a built-in library of motion graphics and sound effects.

The app also features a wide variety of audio and video filters, in-depth color correction tools, and an animation tool, all of which make it simple to improve even the tiniest of details and Film makers of a high-quality and professional standard. Final Cut Pro, at $299.99, is one of the priciest apps available on the App Store.

2. iVIP Black

Since it is only available to extremely wealthy clients and well-known public figures, iVIP Black has been branded as “the millionaire’s app.” It is actually said that in order to access the app, people have to prove their income. iVIP is a luxury lifestyle app that provides access to exclusive VIP benefits. It is an invitation-only app that is available for a total of $999.99 on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store for $384.99. unbelievable, isn’t it? What is more unbelievable are the services and products that this app offers.

With iVIP Black, users can enjoy access to high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, private jets, and even private events around the world, as it is not limited to only one country or area. On top of that, the app also provides users with access to personal shoppers, butlers, and concierge services that you could hire for whatever period of time you want, with all the details and pricing. App members are also prone to receiving welcome packages, VIP gifts, and many other luxurious privileges. All of these features come at a great price, but for those who can actually afford and are looking for the ultimate luxury lifestyle, iVIP Black is a perfect choice. It is more of an experience than an app.

3. CyberTuner

CyberTuner is a professional music tuning app that helps professional musicians tune their instruments easily and accurately. CyberTuner’s description states that it was developed and field-tested by internationally renowned piano experts for optimal performance. It uses advanced tools and algorithms to detect the pitch of each note and display it on the screen, and it also provides users with a range of tuning options and pitches. It also has a concert tune mode for all kinds of concert instruments. which can be especially helpful for beginner violins.

The app is designed for professional musicians who need a reliable tool for tuning their instruments, but it can also be set up for beginners with the option to switch to a more easy-to-use and clear interface for people who are just starting out, which makes it very flexible. As CyberTuner offers all these elite features, it had to come at a great price, so it is offered on the app store with a price tag of $999.99.

4. Verituner

Verituner is another professional and highly sophisticated music-tuning app. Anyone from beginners to real professionals can easily use it. The app uses audio analysis and algorithms to accurately and finely detect the pitch of each note. All you have to do is play a note, and the app will be able to recognize it in no time. It also offers users a range of tuning options and pitches, so they can find the right sound for their instrument. Verituner has a special feature that allows users to share their tunes with other musicians. It is a great method for those who are looking to collaborate on projects.

Another great and helpful feature is the “saved tuning files.” Through this feature, you can easily start a new tuning and save it under your name in the app. This helps you avoid preparing the process over and over and saves you time and effort. It also has the advantage of being a cross-platform software which makes it even more flexible but still high in price. Verituner is available for windows for $895.00, on the App Store for $599.99, and on the Google Play Store for $799.99. 


DDS GP is widely regarded as one of the best medical apps that have ever been created, and it is a must-have for all dentists. It is a high-end and well-visualized practice app for dentists. This app was created with the purpose of demonstrating and presenting all dental problems, procedures, and treatments in form that is more similar to real life. It can even go further by showing the process of the condition and how it develops and deteriorates over time. This app has helped dentists understand conditions better and be able to treat them more effectively. It is also helpful for patients to understand their conditions more and identify which stage they are currently at.

DDS GP’s high price tag is justified by the fact that it serves niche market and features several complex and advanced graphics. DDS GP is available for $399.99, It is a one-time payment with no need for extra in-app payments.

6. Roc.Kasse

App.cash or roc.Kasse is a German finance and banking app but more on the luxurious side. It provides its users with a range of features and services. The app allows users to save money and effort. As it provides users with a great POS system available to install anytime and anywhere they would like. Users usually use the app for restaurants, hotels, clubs, and cafes. Using this app, you can accept orders, and manage and issue invoices and reports. It acts as a whole offline payment and checkout system. It also has many payment gateways integrated to make the payment process easy and flexible for users. All of these great features must come at a very expensive price. That is why roc.Kasse is featured on the list as it is being offered on the App Store for $999.99.


Final Thoughts

People often see apps as a cheap and convenient way to get what they need. However, some of them can be surprisingly expensive. Whatever the reason, the complexity of the app, expensive in-app purchases, or even a limited and luxurious target audience. This all can force an app developer to offer the app at such an expensive price. Have you ever wondered if you can make an app as expensive as these? You can easily join the list now with nandbox.

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