The Hidden Cost of Mobile App Development

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The Hidden Cost of Mobile App Development

Hidden is a word that indicates many things that are related to anonymity. We humans hate not knowing something in specific. We just love digging until we actually find what we’re looking for. In addition to the apparent costs associated with hiring developers, designers, and other experts, there may be other hidden costs associated with mobile app development.

You may plan your app development more effectively and steer clear of potential financial problems if you have a good understanding of and specific knowledge of what hidden costs might be involved. The hidden costs of mobile app development are like looking at an iceberg. You can only see the tip of it, while underneath the black and blue of the deep water, the rest of the iceberg lies hidden. That is exactly how I would describe the hidden costs of mobile app development. Let’s uncover how to avoid such hidden costs and take all precautionary measures in order to save money.

Examples of the Hidden Cost of Mobile App Development

There are different scenarios that can be presented as mobile app development fees but are kind of disguised as clear and direct expenses, which is not the case. In 2018, a study was conducted that proved that fifty percent of the world’s population will turn to mobile applications in the near future. Nowadays, that is actually true! People of all ages are now downloading mobile applications and using them more efficiently than websites or web pages in general.

Mobile applications simply allow users to explore the vast possibilities that allow them to have a better technological experience. Most businesses are expanding their IT resources to allow them to have more room for mobile applications to be a part of their marketing techniques. That is why we emphasize the fact that mobile application development is one of the most important things that you should have for your business. A big part of mobile app development is its cost, as we mentioned before. Here are some of the hidden costs of mobile application development that you should be aware of:

App Store Cost: The Cost of Putting Your App Out There to the Most Popular Stores

One of the hidden costs of mobile app development is the cost associated with publishing your app on app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Both stores charge a fee for each app that is published. The cost varies sometimes. For example, Apple charges an annual fee of $99 through the app developer program. For businesses that create their own applications and need to deliver them to their staff, there is another price structure.

The price for this case is $299 annually, which also includes certain additional enterprise-focused features. Additionally, if you sell goods, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or other services through your app, the Apple app store will impose a 15% transaction fee.

On the other hand, Google charges a one-time fee of $25. Additionally, both stores take a percentage of any revenue generated through in-app purchases or subscriptions. That is why we see that it’s important to factor these costs into your budget when planning your app development project.

Costs of Your App’s Functional Services

There are several functions that your app will have to have. These functions include services that will eventually need money to be spent on. These costs also include all of your app’s features, whether you’d like to integrate or buy new features and add them, or simply some costs for third parties. It is a very general “hidden” cost that companies or businesses tend to overlook.

A use case example for functional services or simple functional features is like the following:

  • Search Feature: It would not be a good idea to create a search feature from scratch. That is if you are constructing an app similar to Amazon or UberEats and it needs to allow users to search anything they are looking for by name, location, or other criteria. That is when integration is a great idea!
  • API Services (through Google): Depending on the functionality of your app, it can need features like geolocation to guide vehicles or delivery personnel or to determine the best course or distance. Google offers APIs and SDKs that you may incorporate into your app in order for all these features to operate as intended.

Another Hidden Cost of Mobile App Development: Maintenance and Updates

Another hidden cost of mobile app development is the ongoing maintenance and updates required to keep the app functioning properly. As technology evolves and new devices and operating systems are released, your app will need to be updated to remain compatible with these systems. Some phones are actually too old to endure a new system update, and that is when most applications on these phones fail to be compatible anymore. Additionally, bugs and glitches may arise that require fixes. Fixing bugs and glitches in your app will cost you an additional amount of money, which you should keep in mind. It’s important to budget for these ongoing costs and have a plan in place for regular maintenance and updates to ensure the longevity and success of your app.

Costs of Integration with Third-Party Services

Integration with Third Party

Integrating your mobile app with third-party services can be a great way to enhance its functionality and user experience. It helps you give your app users the best version of the app. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential hidden costs associated with this. Some third-party services may charge fees for their use or may require ongoing payments for continued access. Additionally, integrating with multiple third-party services can increase the complexity of your app and require more development time and resources.

It is guaranteed that your app’s complexity will be resolved with a few developmental steps. Nevertheless, be sure to carefully consider the benefits and costs of integrating with third-party services before making any decisions. It is of great importance that you be aware of all the costs of every single feature, service, integration, or other addition that you might add to your app development process. If you are aware of the cost, you’ll have calculated steps to walk by and eliminate all hidden costs.

User Acquisition and App Marketing Costs

App Marketing

User acquisition and marketing are both essential components of mobile app development, but they can also come with hidden costs. Advertising and promotional campaigns can quickly add up, especially if you’re targeting a large audience. There are several advertising agencies that could market your app well, but it won’t be cheap. Moreover, if you’re planning on depending on social media to advertise your app. Again, you will have to pay to have a decent ad for your app’s campaign. Additionally, app store fees and commissions can eat into your profits. It’s important to carefully calculate, plan, and budget for user acquisition. In addition to marketing expenses to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. Consider using cost-effective strategies like social media marketing and influencer partnerships to reach your target audience without breaking the bank (or your back).

Security and Data Privacy Costs

Security and Data Privacy Costs 

Another crucial element in your app’s development process is the application of a security and privacy policy. It is considered another hidden cost of mobile app development. Ensuring security and data privacy will definitely come at a cost that will lead you to pay a good sum of money. With the increasing number of data breaches and cyberattacks, users are becoming more concerned about the safety of their personal information. As a result, app developers must heavily invest in robust security measures to protect user data. This can include implementing encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular security audits.

Failing to prioritize security and data privacy will not only lead to costly legal issues but also damage your reputation and user trust. It is crucial that you gain great credibility when it comes to your users. Users are the only thing that will allow you to have a successful app. The download, usage, and maintenance rates are what you should be focusing on. Basically, data security will enhance this and help you reach customer trust, credibility, and satisfaction.

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