How Much Does It Cost to Publish an iOS App on the App Store?

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The Cost to Publish an iOS App on the App Store: The Full Guide

Whenever you think about something you would like to execute, you look at it from all angles. You also study every factor that could contribute to its success. The same goes for app development. This is the exact scenario here. If you’re thinking that you want an app for your business, you will conduct research on what it will take to develop that app. Additionally, you will look at every aspect related to your developmental process. In this guide, we will be discussing the details of the cost of publishing an iOS app on Apple’s App Store.

If you’re an app developer looking to publish your iOS app on the App Store, you may be wondering about the costs involved. From developer fees to marketing expenses, and possibly engaging programming assignment experts to refine your app’s code, there are several factors to consider. This guide will provide a breakdown of the costs you can expect when publishing an iOS app on the App Store.

What Is Apple’s App Store?

Let’s start by defining the store we mentioned earlier. Customers can download or buy apps through an app store, which is an online publication platform for app developers. Only in 2008, with the debut of the App Store and Google Play Stores, was the idea for an app store born. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the motivation behind the development of app stores became more widely known, but it has since expanded to include desktop software and web browsers as well. Users can download and install Web apps from the respective app stores of internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

A range of pre-approved apps, both free and paid, are available in an app store for customers’ smartphones. Through the app store on their device, they may browse the app, buy it, download and install it, and update it.

Users can manage the programs that are available on app stores from any of the major mobile operating system providers, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple. The Amazon App Store for Android smartphones and Cydia for jailbroken Apple iOS devices both offer some third-party apps that may be downloaded online.

The Cost You Pay to Publish an iOS App on the App Store

If you are using a certain service anywhere, 99.9 percent of the time you will pay for that service, and it won’t be for free. This is the case here: if you develop or build an app and would like to publish it on Apple’s App Store, you will have to pay an annual fee that ranges from $99 up to $299. But that isn’t it; there are additional costs that you should look out for. Here are some of the costs that you should keep an eye out for:

Developer Program Membership Fees

The first cost to consider when publishing an iOS app on the App Store is the developer program membership fee. Apple offers two membership options. These options are the standard individual membership for $99 per year. The other one is enterprise membership for $299 per year. The individual membership is suitable for most developers, while the enterprise membership is designed for larger organizations that want to distribute apps internally. Both memberships provide access to the App Store, development tools, and technical support. As pricey as it may sound compared to Google’s $25 that you pay per app, Apple’s whole system is actually way different and doesn’t accept random apps to be published on their app store.

Cost to Publish an iOS App: App Store Review Fees

In addition to the developer program membership fee, there is also a fee for submitting your app for review on the App Store. This fee is $99 per app for most developers, but there are some exceptions. For example, if you are a nonprofit organization or a government entity, you may be eligible for a waiver of the review fee. Additionally, if you are submitting a free app, you may not have to pay the review fee. It’s important to note that this fee is non-refundable, even if your app is rejected during the review process.

In-App Purchase Fees

In addition to the fees associated with publishing your app on the App Store, there are also fees for in-app purchases. If your app offers in-app purchases, Apple takes a 30% cut of the revenue generated from those purchases. This means that if a user spends $10 on an in-app purchase, Apple will take $3, and you will receive $7. It’s important to factor in these fees when deciding on pricing for your in-app purchases.

Cost to Publish an iOS App: Advertising and Marketing Costs

Advertising and marketing costs are another expense to consider when publishing your iOS app on the App Store. While Apple does offer some free promotion through features like the “New Apps We Love” section, it’s important to invest in your own marketing efforts to increase visibility and downloads. This can include social media advertising, influencer partnerships, and paid app store optimization (ASO) services. The cost of these efforts can vary greatly depending on your strategy and budget.

When you plan to release a marketing campaign, you can attract more target users by customizing promotional gifts. For example, Custom Pens with logos are not only practical but also invisibly play an advocacy role. Especially when working with influencers, custom pens can be used as an accompanying gift for downloading the app and signing up for the first time. Beautiful and practical promotional gifts can leave a lasting impression on users. When a custom pen is used, curious people may search for your logo and download your app. In any case, customized promotional gifts are an optional marketing method.

Cost to Publish an iOS App

Localization and Translation Expenses

If you plan on releasing your iOS app in multiple countries, localization and translation expenses should be factored into your publishing costs. This includes translating your app’s content, such as descriptions and the user interface, into different languages. You may also need to consider cultural differences and adjust your app’s content accordingly. The cost of localization and translation services can vary depending on the number of languages and the complexity of your app’s content.

App Design and Architecture Costs


An additional 10% of the project is devoted to developing a user interface and application design that will satisfy your needs. This covers the organization of the code, any necessary backend services, and the completion of the front-end design that will be implemented.

A Quick Comparison Between Apple’s iOS and Google’s App Development and Submission Process

Apple (iOS) Android (Google Play Store)
Takes a longer time when publishing the app. A much more simpler publishing process.
Higher Cost of $99 annually for the individual plan and a $299 for an organization. Lesser cost when it comes to publishing or submitting an app. Costs $25 per submission.
Excellent comments from the app review team. When an app is denied, there is less guidance and no detailed feedback.
App approval takes time. The estimate time approval is for 3-4 days maximum.
Lesser repeated app idea rates Increase in the number of apps that provide the same services.

Is Apple’s iOS App Development and Submission Fee Considered Expensive?

Millions of app developers have asked this question. Given Apple’s reputation for pricey products and systematic costs, this is a lot of speculation. To rest the case, here’s a detailed answer to this highly asked question:

Particularly for inexperienced and student developers, the fees of entering the iOS application development industry can be excessive. A developer license costs $99 per year and is necessary to publish apps to the app store. Furthermore, Apple has various limitations on the hardware and software used for coding.

The average developer will require a Mac computer costing over $800 and an Apple smartphone or tablet, both of which will likely cost over $500. Before accounting for development time and other expenditures, getting your first app into the app store is likely to cost you upwards of $1,400 in hardware and license charges alone.

Google’s Android platform, in comparison, has a one-time cost for development and is significantly more flexible in terms of the hardware that may be used for development. The amount of money you can make with each platform, though, is probably where the two systems diverge most. Compared to Android consumers, iOS app store users pay nearly double as much on mobile apps and games.

Final Thoughts on the Cost to Publish an iOS App

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