nandbox’s Multiple Profiles Technology Receives 3 Patents

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KANATA, CANADA, February 22, 2023 – nandbox, the proud creator of the renowned nandbox messenger, is thrilled to announce that the multiple profiles technology has received three patents.

The newly patented technology enables users to create multiple accounts within a single platform. It provides an exceptional level of security and reliability. This game-changing feature is an essential component of the nandbox Messenger. Through it, users get to access multiple accounts with different profile pictures and descriptions with a single login, and assign different contacts to each profile. This provides users with a further seamless and secure experience.

“The patents for this technology are a testament to the innovative nature of nandbox and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating a secure platform for its users.” says nandbox CEO and founder Hazem Maguid. “With this technology, the nandbox Messenger is now well-positioned to meet the needs of its customers.”

United States Patent No. [11012527B2], [10419577B2], and Chinese Patent No. [109076007B] were all issued under the title “Managing multiple profiles for a single account in an asynchronous messaging system.”

Techniques are described here for handling many identities within a single account in an asynchronous chat system. Using these methods, a user can control who sees what in their various profiles and how they feel about it. In asynchronous messaging systems, where there may be a large number of users and where the service may be deployed across a number of geographically dispersed servers, these methods solve the technical challenges of transmitting user profile modifications.

“nandbox is committed to providing the best customer engagement solutions available.” Hazem Maguid, CEO and Founder of nandbox, stated. “The issuance of these patents is a major step forward in that effort. The company looks forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions for all users.”

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nandbox messenger is a free messenger app with crisp and clear voice and video calling, interactive channels, chat groups, and stellar privacy with our multiple profile feature. Its instant messaging app has nearly 5 million downloads. nandbox messenger was created using nandbox’s native app builder, which is a no-code mobile app builder that can accommodate any type and size of business, community, or government deployment. Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android with no coding background—simply drag and drop your features and create your app with no development costs!