nandbox Receive Two Canadian Patents & One South Korean Patent for Multiple Profiles Technology

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nandbox, the developer of the renowned nandbox messenger, is proud to announce that its multiple profile technology has been awarded three additional patents.

Thanks to our newly patented portfolio, users can set up multiple accounts on a single platform, offering a high degree of security and dependability. The nandbox Messenger is incomplete without this revolutionary feature. With it, users can add different contacts to each profile and use a single login to get into multiple accounts with different profile pictures and descriptions. This provides a more secure and seamless experience for users.

Hazem Maguid, nandbox’s CEO and founder, stated, “There is nothing more important to us than advanced security and technological innovation.” “We introduced this technology to our users to ensure maximum security and to test our innovative capabilities.”

The multiple profiles technology introduced by nandbox in our messenger has since revolutionized the messaging industry by offering a cutting-edge feature that allows users to manage multiple accounts with a single login. The new patents demonstrate nandbox’s dedication to providing its users with the most secure messaging experience possible.

Province of Canada Patent No. (3016459), (3009851) and the South Korea Patent No. (102079892B1) were all issued under the title “Managing multiple profiles for a single account in an asynchronous messaging system.”

All methods and techniques are presented for managing several identities under a single account in an asynchronous chat system. A user can manage what information is seen by whom and how they think about it using these techniques. The technological difficulties of conveying user profile adjustments are overcome by these methods in asynchronous messaging systems, where there may be a large number of users and the service may be distributed across several geographically separated servers.

nandbox pledges to offer the greatest customer engagement solutions on the market. According to nandbox’s CEO and founder, Hazem Maguid, “These patents’ issuance represents a significant advancement in that direction.” The company looks forward to continuing to develop creative and protective solutions for all users.”

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nandbox messenger is a free messenger app with crisp and clear voice and video calling, interactive channels, chat groups, and stellar privacy with our multiple profile feature. Its instant messaging app has nearly 5 million downloads. nandbox messenger was created using nandbox’s native app builder, which is a no-code mobile app builder that can accommodate any type and size of business, community, or government deployment. Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android with no coding background—simply drag and drop your features and create your app with no development costs!