Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

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So you’ve built a mobile app but need to figure out why you’re not seeing downloads. But these days, that’s just the first step. With app stores overflowing with millions of apps, the real challenge is figuring out how to promote your mobile app and make your new app stand out and even appear in search results. You need to get your app in front of the right people in a way that makes them actually want to download it. There are tons of different promotion strategies out there, but here are five strategies of how to promote your mobile app.

1: Focus on Content Marketing

Content Marketing (8)

Content marketing may not be one of the strategies that comes to mind when promoting your mobile app. Still, it’s an approach you shouldn’t overlook. By creating high-quality, engaging content, you can boost your rankings in search engines and build greater brand recognition. The more familiar people become with your brand and offerings, the more likely they’ll download your app.

To succeed with your content marketing, you need to combine tactics like maintaining an active company blog, contributing guest posts to other relevant sites, optimizing search engines, and more.  While you can take a DIY approach, partnering with an experienced Kansas City marketing agency can lift a significant burden off your shoulders while ensuring your content is valuable and delivers results.

2: Optimize Your App for App Stores

After strategizing for content marketing, you’ll want to think about optimizing your app for the app stores. It’s similar to how you would optimize your web content. It’s similar in the sense that you should include the right keywords, title, description, and visuals.  The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two biggest app stores, so you’ll want to ensure your app ranks highly in those search results. Properly optimizing your app will make it pop up more, essentially promoting itself. Some ways you can optimize your app are by doing keyword research and analyzing your competitors’ rankings. It’s always a good idea to ask someone with expertise or partner with someone who works in this field for help.

3: Use Social Media Marketing

Everyone has at least one social media platform, so honing in on social media marketing can be a great way to promote your app. It’s a powerful way to reach users fast because it makes it easy for information to spread about your app to their followers. With social media marketing, you’ll want to put a focus on factors like: 

  • Influencer partnerships
  • Content creation surrounding your app
  • Community engagement 
  • Paid ads

4: Take Part in App Reviews and Forums

People want to use apps that benefit them in whatever way they’re supposed to. Whether it’s an app for tracking books, nutrition, an eCommerce app, or even a gaming app, people are more likely to download your app when they see that it works for others. 

Finding people to test out your app and post reviews about it on relevant websites and forums will increase its credibility. There are several app review websites on the market where you can submit your app, and they’ll provide trusted reviews for users, so the app’s more likely to attract users.

You can also get app reviews through online forums like Reddit and other online communities. Last but not least, you don’t want to forget about press releases.  If you already have brand visibility, press releases can be beneficial. You can write about your new app or any changes you’ve made to help promote it to people.  

5: Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing might be one of the older promotional strategies, but it’s still highly effective. You can launch a new email marketing campaign to share the news about your mobile app. If you haven’t done email campaigns before, you’ll want to gather emails from your social media accounts, website visitors, and app users. Once you have those, you can create engaging content showing why they should use your app. Don’t forget about drip email campaigns, too.


How to promote your mobile app isn’t a one-step process. It requires various strategies, from taking advantage of social media to email marketing to submitting your app for professional reviewers to give their opinion. Whichever route you choose to take to promote your app, just remember that consistency is what will help you succeed.