Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages of AI-Generated Content in Marketing

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The digitized world of today is rapidly evolving by introducing the latest cutting-edge technologies every now and then. An example of such unceasingly advancing technology is Artificial Intelligence.

The application of artificial intelligence for marketing has become prevalent in almost all major industries around the world. Especially in digital marketing, such content is showing wonders. 

But unfortunately, like every other revolutionary technology, AI content also has its downsides. In this article, we will introduce you to all the pros and cons of using AI-generated content for marketing purposes. 

How you can use AI content for Marketing? 

Before getting into the pros and cons list, let us shed some light on the relationship between AI content and marketing. 

A content writing tool or a chatbot typically produces AI content.The most popular among these bots is none other than Chat GPT.  Now if we talk about Chat GPT, it has the capability to respond to any inserted query. So, to make use of this in marketing, you can ask this bot to:

  • Write product descriptions
  • Create Email templates for email marketing
  • Write blogs and articles
  • Create advertisement taglines and descriptions 
  • Convert written content into engaging videos using an AI video generator from text.

The possibilities keep going. Shortly, they can automate a few processes and simplify the marketing process in general.

Pros of AI Content

Now, let’s delve into the pros and cons list, starting with the pros. 

1. Instant Content Generation

Instant Content Generation

A huge advantage of AI is that it produces results in just a few short moments. If you prompt Chat GPT to give you an article outline on any topic, it will do so in around 10-15 seconds. 

In contrast, if you create this outline on your own, you would need at least one or two hours because you will need to conduct research. In other words, using AI to generate marketing content saves you time.

2. Saves Costs and Resources

Saves Costs and Resources

Using AI for generating marketing content is extremely cost-effective. You can even access some of these content generators for free. And even the paid versions are not that unaffordable. This saves businesses from a bunch of different investments. Besides, an AI writer can help you quickly and easily generate high-quality content.  

But how?

Suppose you want to market a product. For this, you might have to hire multiple people with high salaries. For example, the guy for email marketing and the one who deals with search engine marketing will need to be separate. If we compare it with the alternate free solution (AI Content), we can see the difference in terms of resource spending. Couple it with a content management platform like Agility CMS to manage your content production seamlessly that allows you to create, manage, and organize pages using reusable blogs and sitemaps – all without relying on a developer.”

3. Automation


Obviously, you shouldn’t completely depend on AI for creating all your marketing-related write-ups. But still, it often comes in handy for automating a few tasks and enhancing productivity. Let’s explain this with a supposed situation.

  • You just finished creating a product description, but now you have to create a new one for a product that is similar to the last one. Instead of writing the new description from scratch, you can let Chat GPT know the pattern you used in the last description and write a new one in the same way.

Here is an example of this:

In this way, you can effortlessly automate a task that would otherwise require significant effort. 

4. Ease in Keyword Placement

Keyword placement in marketing content needs to be done with extra care and precision. This is because keywords have got to be placed in a natural way so they don’t look promotional.

AI content-generators have the ability to integrate the required words into the flow of written content. So, instead of finding ways to insert keywords into your content, you can simply ask a chatbot such as GPT-3 to do it for you. 

This helps the SEO of your site and improves your marketing campaign.

Cons of AI Content

Now let’s talk about a few controversial things. The cons of AI content might not be as significant as its benefits, but they are still there, and you need to know about them.

  • Search Engines can Detect AI Content

If you are a little familiar with digital marketing, you must know how important it is to rank higher in search engines. Good SERP (Search Engine Result Page) performance means increased amounts of organic traffic. AI content can have a negative impact on a search engine’s view of your content. 

This is because search engines (like Google) can often detect if the content is written by AI. Now Google won’t necessarily penalize you instantly after AI detection. But there are still some negative impacts.

AI chatbots rarely write content that creates value for users, so Google doesn’t care whether they do or not.

AI-generated content lacks the ability to emotionally connect with an audience. That’s why readers might not like it. This will ultimately result in your site/content getting de-ranked. 

  • Requires Human Supervision

As we said before, AI content is not well-optimized to engage with actual readers. Engagement is one of the vital parts of content that is to be used for marketing. It is essential for persuading a customer effectively. 

That’s why AI content cannot be directly published in raw form.  It often requires human review, including revisions, English editing, and proofreading, to convert it into an appropriate and effective form.

This is the reason why it is advised to only take ideas from AI content instead of using it completely. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use AI content. One way to make AI-human-like is to paraphrase it manually or with the help of an online sentence rephraser.

Non-Innovative Content 

Another setback of AI content is that it is not creative. It only uses pre-existing data to create content. This means you can’t create progressive content with AI. You might think, why do I need to make such creative content?

There are two major downsides to this:

  • Your content might get flagged as plagiarized
  • People might already know about your content because it pre-exists somewhere else in different wording.

So, you can’t depend on AI to come up with new and innovative ideas for marketing content.


Like every other assistive technology, AI also has good and bad points. But if used for the right purposes, AI can be highly advantageous. Just keep this in mind; never depend entirely on AI content for marketing. If you use it moderately and for the right reasons, you might notice a positive change in terms of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.