Five Clicks To Build Mobile Apps: nandbox Revamps Its App Builder

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Build Mobile Apps for Shopping And More Using The New Simple Mode

Since the rise of the COVID-19 crisis, revamping the user experience has been the core focus of nandbox App Builder. nandbox, the Canadian mobile app development platform has now made it, five clicks to build mobile apps, native and hosted-ready for Android and iOS. This new Simple Mode leverages intelligent personalization to bring up custom mobile apps, which can meet the market needs with myriad features.

Besides the communications, social network, and booking apps that nandbox users can create with the help of the platform’s app maker, Shopping Apps are now available on the panel as well. Thanks to the new M-commerce module, users can now build lucrative shopping apps to engage their customers and serve them easier and faster. With this module supporting instant integrations to various payment gateways, nandbox is helping businesses to further monetize their services on the go.


By drag-and-drop, nandbox users build mobile apps with same capabilities of the most popular alternatives

The no-code App Builder of nandbox empowers communitiesschools, and media channels to build mobile apps much smoother than the traditional app development approaches. From instant messaging, massive groups, and best-in-class video and audio calling, to instant feeds, engagement contests, and loyalty programs — nandbox platform appears to have something for everyone.

“The new nandbox App Builder empowers businesses to go mobile, boost resilience, and even thrive in face of the crisis,” Dragos Ragalie, nandbox VP of sales.

“We have helped hundreds of businesses worldwide to convert their ideas into rich-featured apps since our start in 2016. But now the situation with COVID-19 is different,” says Dragos Ragalie, VP of sales of nandbox Inc. “Hence, we innovated an intuitive, personalized approach of five clicks to help businesses around the globe to jumpstart their mobile presence, boost resilience, and even thrive while facing the current crisis,” Dragos states.


Business continuity more in focus at nandbox App Builder

After the current revoked limitations on outdoor activities, people are spending more time on mobile apps to shop, socialize, and entertain themselves. According to App Annie’s latest release of market data on consumer spending in the first quarter of 2020, “Consumers spent over $23.4B through the app stores, the largest quarter ever in terms of consumer spending. There were also over 31B new app downloads, a 15% increase from Q4 2019.”

In this framework, nandbox is now pushing the boundaries for business owners to take further steps in their digital transformation to mobile apps. To build mobile apps on nandbox App Builder, it requires five clicks including no upfront costs. nandbox offers a 14-day free trial and flexible pricing plans. With business continuity in mind, the apps generated by the nandbox platform are native, specifically coded for Android and iOS, fully manageable and hosted-ready.

“If we don’t reinvent ourselves, how can we be ready for the challenges of the future?” — Dragos Ragalie, nandbox VP of sales


nandbox mobile app builder offers various plans for diverse businesses to engage and serve millions of users. nandbox open API ensures reliable integration with back-end systems, payment gateways, and external apps. That’s in addition to its cloud distributed infrastructure, which guarantees a lifetime disaster recovery, advanced security, unlimited scalability, and guarantees an uptime of 99.999%.

Staying ahead of the curve, nandbox is always ready to merge the rising business trends in its platform. For its App Builder’s new version, nandbox has revamped the user experience after extensive research, studies, and trials to provide an optimal solution. “Because if we don’t reinvent ourselves in such a crazy changing world, and amid a global pandemic; how will we be ready for the challenges of the future?” Ragalie recounts.


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