Mobile Verification Signup: Easily Leverage Your Database

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Mobile verification signup is a process where your user must verify their identity before being allowed access to certain services, such as content, products, etc. This is done through text messages sent to the mobile phone number registered with the service provider. 

How Will Mobile Verification Signup Help You As an App Owner?

Mobile verification is one of the most important things when it comes to mobile app development. It allows users to verify their accounts by entering a code sent via SMS. This helps prevent unauthorized access to user data. Once done, you can start mobile phone number verification using SMS verification services.

So, it’s a simple way for your users to verify their identities when signing up for a new online account. The idea behind it is to secure your database from duplicated accounts, market your business through SMSs or/and phone calls, and above all; secure your users’ communities from hacks.

An Example Of How It Helps You:

A new user who installs an app and joins your app’s community is provided with a one-time code, which is a numerical number that expires after a certain amount of time has passed. Just by entering the code, the account will be verified.

After that, you can access your user’s contact information through your app’s dashboard and contact them directly by creating an SMS marketing campaign. Which gives you an advantage in your market because you have to pay for advertising to collect the phone numbers of potential buyers.

The Main Features Of Mobile Verification Signup

  1. Verify Signups. Mobile phone verification helps you by preventing spam and abuse. Additionally, it enables you to deliver superior service to your customers. Millions of mobile apps use it to verify phone numbers when someone signs up for their services.
  2. Offer Personalized Communication. Through this mobile verification signup, you will have all the phone numbers of your users. This will give you the chance to get in touch with each customer individually and give them better service.
  3. SMS Marketing. SMS marketing is a type of mobile advertising where companies send text messages to customers’ phones. These texts may advertise deals, coupons, promotions, product updates, or any other message that the company wants to promote. SMS marketing is a promotional tool to increase brand awareness and drive sales. The market has some of the best SMS marketing software to push deals, coupons, promotions, product updates, or any other message that the company wants to promote. It’s a well-known method to increase brand awareness and drive sales.


How To Set Up Mobile Verification Signup In Your nandbox App?

  1. Login into the dashboard of your nandbox app builder.
  2. Go to app settings and select the login & signup tab.
  3. Select mobile as your verification method.
  4. Select Infobip/Vonage as your SMS gateway.
  5. Configure the gateway and test it. And that’s it.

Above all, you can follow our fully imaged documentation to guide you in this configuration process step by step: Mobile Verification Signup Documentation.

As a matter of fact, Infobip and Vonage are the best of the best messaging vendor gateways worldwide. They cover the whole world with fast and elegant business SMS services.

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