nandbox messenger app New-Android version 1.6.115

nandbox android version


We always update nandbox messenger app with new features, and enhancement to the current ones. A lot of new features and bug fixes as well. nandbox messenger app is one of the most innovative messenger apps. Scroll down the page and get to know more about what is new in nandbox messenger app.


  • Edit Feature.

With recalling message feature that already exists, you may need just to edit a message.  Rather than recalling the whole message, you can easily tap on the sent message and edit it.


  • Bot Manager.

Create bot and manage it from the messenger app. Now we provide complete friendly interface to create your own bot, so the rest of nandbox messenger community get use of it.


  • Support playing OGG Audio files.

nandbox supports OGG audio files to enable you play recorded audio from individual web. Providing you with larger variety of audio formats supported within one messaging application.


  • Bot Normal & Inline Menus support in the messenger app

nandbox supports both normal or Inline menus bot. Ensuring best navigation and usability when using bots and displaying larger variety of bots with faster, better and larger accessibility.


  • Online search for Bots in the messenger app

Browse online the desired bot and bring it to the messenger. Use the bot, manage it, and present your chosen or your own bots to the community of nandbox messenger app.


  • Improved internal search for channels/groups/contact to be a search instead of old filter inside tab.

Now you can search for chats, groups and channels from the search bar in the messenger. This smart update made all chats, groups and channels searchable from one search bar accessible from any of the nandbox messenger app screens.


  • New expressive stickers in the messenger app.

You can express better with just one quick click! Choose from a verity of stickers, download stickers, create your own stickers then upload them. Furthermore, if you are up for making profit, you can sell your stickers to the whole community on our messenger app.


  • Enhanced Audio/Video Calls process in the messenger app.

It’s about correspondence, and when it comes to quality we are the best messaging application. Best quality video calling application and most clear sound calling application ever introduced to the messengers’ community. Audio/video calls presently are easier to be processed in the new release, and convenience upgrades can’t be missed once you utilize the new version of nandbox.


  • Refactoring App to use fragments.

We can fill the page, a lot of pages of technical description of what made nandbox incredibly faster in this release. The messaging app is as fast as a flash now. Use nandbox messenger app now, and check it yourself.


  • Support getting Chat History from Mobile messenger app.

Privacy First …

As we never save any of your chats or communications anyplace, so you are the only one who can see and access it. With the new application release it is conceivable to view the one on one chat, group and channel interactions, that are saved on your device.

You can log in nandbox web portal to chat and communicate with your contacts, channels and groups. Now you can drag your chat history while you are online from the mobile.

As long you are online from nandbox mobile App, you will be able to view chat history that is saved on your mobile. Once your mobile app is off history will no longer appear on the web portal. You can say the chat history from nandbox portal is more like a perfect mirror that shows beautifully everything, and has no memory to save what it sees.


  • Channel/Group Administration Privileges with in the messenger app.

nandbox has enhanced the interactive channels and groups administration privileges to the max. Now we are the only community app that introduces Admin and super admin, with many controllable privileges that is flexible to suit the channel or group needs. You can have set of super admins, set of admins with different privileges, for the very same one channel or group.


  • Channel/Groups integration with Bots inside the messenger app.

Inviting bots and administrate them from inside channel/group.

Enrich your group and channel with bots of your choice, making them available for your community from inside the group/channel. In other words give the access to any number of bots within your group/channel for your members. Single place is your channel or group, multiple accesses to huge variety of both normal and Inline menus bots.


  • Administrate Bot from Channel/Group with in the messenger app.

Even bots can be administrated from the very same administration tab. Integrate, delete, and manage it without leaving your channel/group with full administration privilege. Therefore, you can control each bot response behavior, for posts, replies or both.


  • Above all, a lot of bug fixes and enhancements.


Download the new version and enjoy it.



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