Create Your Own Community App Now, And Connect Your People For The Future

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Four Perks Of Creating A Community App with nandbox App Builder

Does your community need a mobile app? The answer will always be yes.

When you create a Community App, specialized for your people, you can deliver authentic digital presence and more accessibility. Your people will become more reachable, anytime and anywhere, because nothing is as swift and fast as a lovable mobile app to reach them, spread news, or publicize a cause.

Especially after COVID-19 has imposed social distancing, mobile apps have become more crucial than ever before. Non-profit Organizations, neighborhoods, and local communities have resorted to mobile apps to foster a sense of belonging among their people.

Why create a community app with nandbox?

nandbox enables you to create your app online in minutes. Whether a replica of your favorite app or a build from scratch, both options are at your fingertips. And for community apps, nandbox offers a unique, lucrative, and rich experience seamlessly with an amalgam of features that surpass the commonly used apps.

With your app created by nandbox App Builder, you can:

#1 Manage social fundraising events on the fly

In fundraising, transparency is key; A branded app can build trust with all your community lovers—That will eventually spread the goodwill among your community’s networks and endorse its cause. That’s why running your fundraising events on your App will deliver further authenticity to your audience.

nandbox supports integrating PayPal donation options with your App simply and hassle-free.

#2 Generate revenue for the entire community

Whether through displaying Google Ads or creating multiple digital stores, your App will bring up profits in no time. That’s beside the easy, instant integration with various payment gateways that nandbox support.

Your nandbox App Builder has made it all easier. From small sellers to hypermarkets, each can have their mobile stores, and show up their products and services online, providing the whole community an elite online shopping service, right on your App.

#3 Guaranteed social networking to keep everyone posted

Voice and video calls, plus the possibility of joining 10,000 members in a chat group, created on your App — all are true and real with nandbox, which is significantly better than a Whatsapp group that can never take 300 members in a chat group for once.

That’s beside the channels of endless subscribers your App can have, through which you can get instant feedback from your audience, and deliver a pool of insights.

#4 Offer unlimited online booking possibilities

A whole booking system is there for your community; Through your App created with nandbox, people can book events and sessions, as well as redeem their tickets, straight from their devices.

nandbox, the smart app maker also fosters the look-and-feel of Facebook pages in your App’s channels; where you can post instant feeds on the community’s activities, run engagement competitions, and announce events.

Online Community Apps for smart digital transformation

Your Community App will connect your people on the spot—exactly what you need for reliable and sustainable communication for now and the future.

nandbox digital platform empowers businesses and communities with robust, reliable micro-services that support digital transformation. It is the easiest, no-code gateway to create apps for community building online, with no hosting nor upfront costs needed.

Sign up now and start your free trial period to create a community app that will stand out from the crowd.

You can also contact us at if you have questions or you need help with creating App!


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