Building Flexible Mobile Apps with nandbox

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Create a Versatile Mobile Application with nandbox

The nandbox app builder offers solutions for businesses to create mobile applications without programming. You can build apps in various categories, and you can mix and match, which is the topic of this article. Let’s show you why and how to create a versatile mobile application with the nandbox app builder.

What is the nandbox App Builder?

The nandbox app builder is a native, no-code app builder. Native here means the app created on the platform are either native iOS or native Android apps made specifically for these platforms. They are more financially demanding than cross-platform or hybrid apps but offer maximum functionality and the best performance.

The “no coding” part means that the app’s creator doesn’t have to know any programming languages or coding. They can build the app, customize it, add features, and configure settings without having technical knowledge.

Launched in 2016, the nandbox app builder makes app building accessible for businesses by offering e-commerce, messenger, educational app solutions, and more.

What Is a Versatile App?

A versatile app has more than one purpose. For example, Whatsapp is a one-purpose app because it’s a communication app. On the other hand, WeChat is a multi-purpose app because it also has mobile payment and social media functions.

We’re not saying that WeChat is better than Whatsapp or the opposite. Aside from the apps themselves, both multi-purpose and single-purpose apps have perks and disadvantages.

Multi-purpose apps offer a unified experience where users can do many things on the same app. But single-purpose apps have more focused features, which some users prefer.

In custom development, single-purpose apps are easier and more flexible because they focus on one feature instead of many. However, that’s not an issue with the nandbox app builder. App owners can add as many functions and features to their apps.

Ideas for a Versatile Application You Can Create with nandbox

#1 Idea: Multi-Vendor E-Commerce and Donation App

A built-in store is one of the great features of the nandbox app builder. You can add a store to your app with multiple payment gateways. And any of your products can be added with their prices and availability. Moreover, the items you add can include add-ons, be combined in a bundle, or be divided into tiers.

The good thing is; you don’t have to add one shop only; you can include multiple stores, each with a different vendor, containing different products. With that, you can create shops with various niches. For example, you can add a store for clothes shopping and another for books. Another example is to make one niche store for new clothes like men’s leather coats, pants, etc, and another for used ones. You can get creative with the types of stores you add.

Add a donation portal to your app to kick it up a notch. You can do that with the nandbox newly added workflow feature. The workflow feature allows integration with third-party backend services or the donation payment system. You can make an initiative for users to buy new clothes and donate old ones.

#2 Idea: Community App with an E-store

The features of the app builder also allow for an all-in-one versatile community application. You can add messaging features, channels, a news feed, a blog, a media gallery, and more. Moreover, an app owner can control who can access the app from the user management settings to prevent intruders from using the app. This keeps the app private and secure.

Community app members probably have something in common, a geographic location or a common cause. Either way, they will appreciate finding an e-store to buy something relevant.

For instance, in a neighborhood app, you can sell grocery items at discounted prices for app members. And you can sell services, like lawn mowing or dog-walking. If the app members support a common cause, you can sell them merchandise. For example, if the members all support a sports club, the store could sell branded sports equipment. And in all cases, you can add a donation portal to help those in need.

Another feature you can add to a community app is an events list where members can book events and mark them if they’re going. This brings the members together and strengthens their bond, achieving its goal.

#3 Idea: An All-in-One Educational App

A school app is one of the solutions offered by the nandbox app builders. It’s not just any Educational app; it’s an all-inclusive one. It can be one of two types:

  • The first type is for teaching a specific school subject or skill. The app owner can divide the app into levels, adding video material, Google forms, blog entries, channels, schedules, and events. Additionally, they can add bookings for students or app users to book classes online within the app or offline. The offline sessions can be paid for online, and the tickets can be validated and redeemed using a QR Scanner.
  • The second type is a school-specific app. This one will harbor students, teachers, guardians, and school administration in one app. They will use the app to communicate through messenger, send assignments through forms, make announcements through channels and news feeds, and watch recorded lessons on a video page. Moreover, the nandbox developers team is finalizing a map tracking feature so guardians can rest knowing their kids have arrived safely at their schools.

Final Words

It will seem easy for users to add these features to their apps, which is the purpose of the nandbox app builder. However, they weren’t easy to develop. The nandbox developers team worked hard on each feature separately to create versatile solutions for citizen developers- ones that don’t code. They’re continuously working hard to add new features and functions, enhance app UI/UX designs, and provide an exceptional experience for their clients. Soon, users will be able to create most types of apps without writing a single line of code. The no-code movement is the future, and the nandbox app builder is a part of it. Try it now!