In-Depth Analysis of Apple App Store Trends and Data

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In-Depth Analysis of Apple App Store Trends and Data

Usually, what comes to mind when installing or looking for an app are the two most popular platforms, which are the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Both platforms were a way to legalize the installation of apps back in the day. And to make mobile phone users feel safer and more comfortable while using apps, avoiding any chance of risk. In this article, we will dive deep into the Apple App Store, the story behind it, and its statistics.

The Legacy of Apple

There is much to tell when it comes to the history of Apple. Apple is considered a leading and influential company in the tech industry. As it generated revenues of over 365 billion dollars in 2021 alone and continued to top this number in 2022 with revenues of nearly 395 billion dollars. Apple is now worth $3 trillion on the market. Which makes it the first company to ever reach a net worth of over a trillion dollars.

Apple sure revolutionized the way computers and mobile phones were both operated and manufactured. The company has been able to skyrocket since its launch in 1976, despite many pitfalls that happened in the beginning. Innovation and dedication were always by their side and never let them down.

After a while, they decided to enter the mobile phone industry and manufactured the renowned Apple iPhone in 2007. Apple was able to exceed all expectations and sell 1.4 million iPhone devices in just one year of their release, which was a great number back in the day. Despite everyone describing the device as flawless and very functional, they pointed out one missing thing. The iPhone back then didn’t allow any third-party applications, which caused major frustration as it only allowed pre-installed Apple apps. This was when the Apple App Store journey began.

How Did the Apple App Store Start?

It all started in 2008 when Steve Jobs announced that developers would be able to create apps for the iPhone and that a platform would be released in the next OS update to be a home for all these apps. The Apple App Store was officially in business in July 2008.

Exactly one year after the first Apple iPhone was manufactured. Developers rushed to create the most innovative apps and submit them to the app store, as Apple now offered a great window of opportunity for every app to get discovered and promoted. And many of the already well-established and well-known businesses started the development of an app version of their businesses to be available to all Apple users. Customers also didn’t waste any time and went on to download and try all types of apps made available on the App Store, which later became a major part of their lives.

What really made the App Store really successful and reach outrageous numbers of users and apps on a daily basis was that it offered one central safe space that users could turn to. Users can face a difficult task, and with only a click, they can search for an app that helps them accomplish the task successfully and effortlessly.

Users were also always assured that the apps they installed were 100% safe and secure and would never put their devices, information, or data at risk. So it really aimed to make people’s lives much easier than before and succeeded in doing so.

The Apple App Store Statistics

The App Store started with 500 apps upon its release in 2008, and this number began to flourish and increase. Until it reached 3000 apps in the same year, 2 months after its launch. The number of downloads was exceptional, as it had over 100 million downloads, with Facebook being among the most downloaded apps.

As of 2022, the Apple App Store now has around 1.64 million mobile apps and over seven hundred thousand app publishers and developers. with 13% of this number being game apps, followed by business, educational, and lifestyle apps consecutively. The average number of apps being published daily on the Apple App Store is over 1,000 apps per day, which is a great number.

It now has over 23 billion downloads from all around the world. Although over 90% of the apps on the Apple App Store are free, the company was able to generate a revenue of 85 billion dollars in 2021 and witnessed a spectacular 120% growth rate between the periods of 2017 and 2021.

Top Apps Ranked on the Apple App Store

Among the millions of apps developed and published on the Apple App Store. From game apps to music streaming apps, the charts are always changing on a daily basis and always in a dynamic way. We’ve compiled a list of the top apps currently available on the Apple App Store in all categories.



The game has taken the world by storm and got everyone playing it. It is the top-paid app on the Apple App Store and is considered one of the biggest games in the world. As a result, it had 121 million dollars worth of revenue and 93 million active users in 2021.

Minecraft is an online game where you can play with people all over the world. It is an open world where the player has to build, interact, and fight to live. The fact that possibilities of what could happen are endless. The game doesn’t follow a certain pattern is what makes it thrilling and drives people to be very attracted to it. Minecraft is available on the apple app store for $6.99


Temu has been at the top of the shopping app list on the Apple App Store for a while now. It is an online marketplace that primarily sells beauty and fashion items. It has a wide variety of fashion items, home décor, and beauty products. What really makes Temu special and has led it to be #1 in the shopping category is the trendy collection they offer, as well as the affordable prices that satisfy all types of customers.



Introductions aren’t really necessary when it comes to Tiktok. Tiktok is now the most used app in the whole wide world, and it is no surprise that it has made it to one of the top apps in the Apple App Store charts. Since its launch in 2017, Tiktok has been very popular among all people, especially the younger generations.

The platform mainly allows users to upload their video content, whether it is for fun or informational. In addition to that, users can generate profit from their own content, depending on the number of engagements they get. That is why it has grown in popularity and became the preferred social platform for influencers. Users can use third-party tools to count followers, create professional usernames, and track profile growth.

Cash App

The Cash app is the exact definition of making people’s lives easier. Cash App allows users to make payments in less than a minute and send, receive, and invest money with a single click. Users can also create custom debit cards using their Cash app balance to pay for anything. You also have the option to buy and sell stocks through it. With all these functions, it is no wonder it is featured on the list.


DoorDash is a prominent food and grocery delivery app that has gained major popularity and recognition in the last couple of years. With the wave of digitization that has reached everything, it has also reached the food delivery process. DoorDash enables users to order food from a wide list of local restaurants and grocery stores in their area. Each restaurant has a rating, and reviews from previous customers are displayed to help you further in choosing the perfect restaurant. it has more than 310,000 restaurants and 12,000 grocery stores and operates in over 4,000 cities across the US.



Spotify is the most popular music streaming app of all time, with 422 million active users. It is the #1 app in the music category on the Apple App Store. Spotify allows you to play and stream songs and albums from your favorite artists. With a wide library that has more than 29 million songs available from all genres; you can literally dream of a specific genre and it will be there.

It also has a great collection of original podcasts, reaching up to 2.9 million podcasts available in all fields of interest. Whether it is music, art, history, true crime, or anything else. Spotify lets you customize and add songs you like to your own library. As well as create your own playlists and share them with everybody else.

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