The Importance of Brand Identity in Successful Business Strategies

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Why Is Brand Identity Important for Your Business

Everyone and everything has a distinct identity. People, for instance, create different identities through their clothes, personalities, interests, etc. Elements found in nature, even though they have some similarities, still have distinct identities. Apart from the fact that everything has its own identity, you may not know that applications also have their own. If you thought about it for a while, all the applications you use are very different when it comes to certain aspects or elements. The primary objective of any developer is to make an app that stands out from the crowd. Therefore, they make sure to focus on the brand identity, especially if they are developing an app for a business or an organization. In this article, we will demonstrate what brand identity is and why it is important.

What is Brand Identity

In marketing, brand identity is an essential and major part of any business plan. It is what sets brands apart. It is the elements or aspects of any business that are usually visible and seen by customers. The goal of brand identity is to create an image for a brand and make users and customers perceive it and be more aware of it. Many businesses and organizations are actually better known for their distinctive identities than for their products and services.

For example, Starbucks, as a brand was successfully able to create a distinctive brand identity for itself. The calming browns in their cafes, the logo, and the way they copied this and greatly put it together in their application. That was enough to leave an impression on the customer that will likely last a lifetime. Customers are now conditioned to associate the colors brown and green with coffee, especially at Starbucks. and this is an example of a powerful brand identity.

Why is brand identity important?

Now, we have established that brand identity is a major component of any business. But why is brand identity important, to what extent is it important, and how can it help apps and companies?

It Improves Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

The first and foremost thing that a good brand identity achieves is brand awareness. Brand awareness is the term used to measure the extent to which users are familiar with your brand. When a developer or business owner gives great consideration to all components of brand identity and executes them well, users are more likely to recognize and remember those elements as belonging to the developer’s or owner’s product.

Helps in Acquiring and Retaining User

A brand or an application usually (scientifically) has only 7 seconds to make a first impression and convince a user to buy a product or download an application. A unique and distinctive brand identity helps establish a successful first impression. This helps the customer better grasp the brand’s objectives and values. As a result, the two parties will share a deeper and more meaningful connection, one built on mutual comprehension. Such a connection will help both acquire a large number of users as well as retain and create a loyal user base.

Gives Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

A good brand identity can help your product or application stand out. Millions of products and applications are created every day; however, you never learn about them. This is probably because they didn’t have something that sets them apart; they easily got lost among many special identities. This is why brand identity should be every developer’s main priority if he wants to accomplish something and succeed in a market as competitive and fast-paced as the mobile app market.

Elements of Brand Identity Design


1.) Colors


First, let us start with one of the most important brand identity elements ever. Colors are the core of any brand or app. As a matter of fact, some brands and applications are mostly known for their colors instead of anything else. In addition to providing an artistic and appealing advantage, colors also play a major psychological and emotional role for users. For example, many people now associate the colors yellow and red with happy and childish memories. These colors are associated with the brand McDonald’s. It is exceptional how this works and would be a great benefit to your business or application. Thus, if you want your brand’s or app’s values and goals to resonate with users, you need to carefully consider the colors you use.

2.) Name

The name is the first thing that a human brain takes notice of and recognizes (except in social interactions, where we always forget). That is why the brand or application name is an essential element when it comes to brand identity. When it comes to the name, it is important to choose something that will encompass everything your brand or application means. It may sound impossible, but it is possible and has contributed to the success of many businesses and applications. You can’t just choose something generic, always remember that brands come and go, but names stay forever.

3.) Logo/Icon

There is another element that significantly contributes to setting apps and brands apart from their competitors. The brand logo or app icon, if you are thinking about developing an app, is where all your assets come together, take shape, and turn into one thing. The logo or icon is very important, as they usually become everywhere when you start promoting your product. It is what people come into contact with and sees first before deciding to explore further. In the logo or icon, all the previously mentioned and not mentioned elements come together. You use your brand’s colors to give a glimpse of your scheme, and you use your brand’s name. And finally, you use the brand’s typography, which is another element that refers to the font usually used by your brand. So, you might think of the logo as the place where all forces come together.

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