Clothes Planning App: Your Personal Stylist in Your Pocket

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From Clueless to Reality: The Evolution of Clothes Planning App

Movies are a significant and major part of many people’s lives—well, mine too. Movies have taught us innumerable lessons. Some people expanded their language horizons, while others gained fresh perspectives on life and emotional experiences. However, if anything we may say we gained from movies, that would be great inventions and ideas. Well, some of them we wish were actually real, some are actual, and some are in the works. However, if the name Cher Horowitz rings a bell, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. In this article, we will discuss the chances of the development of a clothes-planning app just like the one in the movie Clueless. Read on to learn more!

Before the Age of Apps: The Story Behind the Most Innovative Idea

As we mentioned before, sometimes movies provide us with the best ideas ever. Who wouldn’t wish to own a flying car that can travel back in time or to the future, like the one in Back to the Future? Or, for instance, have a bus that could shrink to avoid traffic, like the one in Harry Potter. These might be a bit unrealistic, and also hard to execute in real life. However, there are some intentions that were inspired by movies that actually exist in real life now.

One of the movies that really inspired a real-life invention is Clueless. Yes, the movie is based on Jane Austen’s novel “Emma” and stars the never-aging Paul Rudd. Well, how can a teenager-y coming-of-age movie be the one behind a so-called innovative idea? Remember that one scene where the main character, Cher, goes through her closet and plans an outfit using a touch-screen device? Yes, that is it. Since 1995, the year this movie was released, people have been wondering if this invention was real or not. However, at the time, it was not. But with the progression of technology, the idea resurfaced again for some people. And this time, they thought about actually making it real.

Is It Now Possible With the New Technologies to Build a Virtual Wardrobe App?

With emerging technologies, people have been unlocking new capabilities and functions that make pretty much anything possible. The idea of uploading your whole wardrobe to an app seems quite unbelievable. Scanning every piece of clothing you have, categorizing them, and then planning different outfits for different days really does fit a movie. As much as the movie was phenomenal, the ideas included were even more phenomenal. People always dreamed of a simplified outfit planning process like this. That is why many started coming up with alternatives that matched the methods of the time. For instance, many people started printing out pictures of their clothes and putting them out on boards. The implementation of the idea took many forms that kept up with the technology and resources of the time.

However, in recent years, we can say that we have reached the level of advancement that enables us to implement the idea in an advanced and modern way. There are three specific technologies that we can credit for making it possible, which are:

1.) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

First, let us start with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence provides clothes planning apps with many capabilities and functionalities that never would have existed without it. This includes automatically pairing pieces together, giving out suggestions, and offering solutions. It acts as a personal stylist. It has the complete capability of adapting to your preferences and interests and knowing exactly what to offer and when.

2.) Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning

We can’t mention artificial intelligence without mentioning matching learning. The two technologies are an excellent pairing and are very dependent on each other. As machine learning improves artificial intelligence capabilities and vice versa. Machine learning is responsible for learning and thoroughly understanding the user’s preferences and interests to be able to tailor a whole experience. ML is also able to learn from all past interactions to get a full image and analysis of the user’s behavior.

3.) Augmented Reality (AR)

Lastly comes augmented reality, which is a great addition to any clothing-planning app. Augmented reality is the technology that allows digital elements to be reflected and interacted with in real life. It is not a novel thing to integrate augmented reality into apps. It has been a major part of many apps for a while now as it improves the user experience and allows users to experience things they would not have been subjected to otherwise. Augmented reality can easily make users try on all the outfits they planned without moving a finger. Which is, in simple words, breathtaking.

The Future of Fashion: Key Features to Include in a Clothes Planning App

Now that we have covered the key technologies involved in developing a clothes and outfit planning app, let us talk further about the key features that can be included.

Social Media Features

Integrating social media features is an ideal thing to do, as it can help build a strong app community that will contribute significantly to the app’s success. Through these social media features, people can share their daily outfit-planning journeys, communicate with each other, ask for opinions, and do many other activities that can be done to enhance the user experience.

Clothing Lists

A clothing list is a major feature to consider, and the app is a must-have. After scanning their whole wardrobes, users need to display all the pieces in an organized and chic list that will help their organizing process. This is where the clothing lists come in. Each user would have his own clothing list, and they would choose whether to share it with other users or not. Additionally, these lists can get categorized based on clothing type. For instance, some users might focus on formal attire, such as tuxedos for men, trousers, and ties, while others may be inclined towards casual dresses like jackets, shirts, and chinos.

In-App Store

An in-app store is another great feature and addition to consider for any clothes-planning app. The in-app store can include many options and renowned brands and stores that the user can browse. In addition to just organizing their wardrobes, they can easily expand them through the stores found on the app.


Calendar (1)

A calendar is another key feature of a clothes-planning app. As the whole purpose is organizing and planning, it is essential to include a tool or a method that helps users do so. The calendar acts as an organizer where users can specify each planned outfit for each day, based on the occasion falling on this day. For instance, if a user has their graduation day on this day, they specify the formal outfit for it. For planned 3-day vacation outfits, you can assign them in the calendar to be reminded which outfit goes with which day.

Top Clothes Planning Apps to Use

Get Wardrobe

The first on our list is Get Wardrobe. The Get Wardrobe app is a smart clothing and wardrobe organizing app that is available on both iOS and Android. The app allows users to add all the pieces of clothing they have and organize them into categories. After that, they can create outfits in the form of magazine-style images. Additionally, users can also include and plan their family’s outfits.

Pureple Outfit Planner

Pureple is a well-liked app for designing outfits and organizing one’s wardrobe in a virtual closet. The app includes many prominent features like color wheels and many categorizing and sorting options that can make the process of organizing wardrobes even easier. As pureple is AI-based, it gives users the option to make outfits themselves or have the app generate outfits for them. In addition, the app features a fun and engaging interface for choosing an outfit, similar to the one in the Clueless movie, where you swipe left on the outfit you dislike and right on the outfit you like.



Combyne is way more than just a clothes-planning app. It is a place where fashion enthusiasts can interact, communicate, and share styles across the app. You can use Combyne to upload your wardrobe and put together ensembles from your existing clothing or to even buy new, high-quality items from your favorite brands. In order to expand their community, the app allows users to participate in fashion challenges with each other or in competitions and receive constructive criticism from fellow users. Combyne app was effectively able to expand the functions of a clothes planning app and create a new category of apps for all fashion lovers.

Pronti AI

Speaking of AI capabilities that we mentioned before, Pronti AI is the ultimate AI-based wardrobe planning app to help you organize your closet and plan your outfits in a smart and effective way. With Pronti AI, you can upload photos of your clothes and create a virtual wardrobe that you can access anytime, anywhere. The app also gives you outfit suggestions based on your preferences and past interactions. At this point, you might think that it is an ordinary clothes-planning app, however, Pronti AI has more outstanding capabilities. The app has a weather extension included, that tells users the forecast for today and suggests outfits from their wardrobe based on that. The app can also suggest outfits based on your mood today. Pronti AI really unlocked and expanded the horizons for other apps by integrating artificial intelligence