Five Leading Appointment Booking Apps and Their Key Features

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Remember when customers used to call to book appointments? The call would last quite a bit because they didn’t know information like when you were available, how much to pay, and the business location. Now, they can finish the process in minutes with online booking systems. Clients can easily get all the details they need to make an informed choice and secure a reservation with just a few mouse clicks. Not only will it save time for your staff, but customers will be more satisfied with the efficiency. This article sheds light on the best booking appointment apps on the market and what features make them successful.

Features that Our Top Picks Have:

1) Calendar-syncing across platforms: This feature saves customers time. Instead of having to set up their schedule twice on both the booking app and the calendar, their booked appointments will be automatically added to their calendar.

2) 24/7 real-time booking: Customers can book appointments any time without having to wait for working hours to ask about availability.

3) Various payment options: Clients and customers can securely pay by cash, credit or debit card, or PayPal, among other methods.

4) Online and offline support: Customers can share inquiries and complaints via live chat, email, forums, or phone calls.

1) Top Booking App For Service-Based Industries: Square

Square Inc. (now Block Inc.) was established in 2009. It now sells services in multiple sectors, like banking and commerce. It also offers B2C marketing, staff management, and software development solutions. Their subsidiary, Square Appointments, was launched in 2014. The online booking system operates on a large scale; it can serve small and mid-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Square Appointments offers one free plan and two paid tiers.

Notable features:

  1. You can supervise staff with the team management feature.
  2. You can integrate other Square products into the booking software.
  3. You can create a loyalty program for customers.

2) Top Appointment Booking App Free of Charge: Setmore

Setmore is another multi-platform booking software that was launched in 2011. Its main perk is that it provides a fully functional free plan, meaning that even the smallest businesses can take advantage of its features.

Notable free plan features:

  1. You can set up unlimited appointments.
  2. You can design a custom business booking page with a unique URL.
  3. You can schedule and host virtual meetings.

3) For Teams: Calendly

Founded in 2013, Calendly focuses on helping teams schedule and manage meetings, but the booking tool also serves individuals and enterprises. It has varied pricing plans that range from a free basic one to an enterprise tier tailored for companies. With features such as automated reminders, time zone detection, and calendar integrations, Calendly has become an indispensable tool for B2B agencies running appointment setting services at scale, empowering businesses to effortlessly coordinate and optimize their scheduling efforts.

Notable Features for Teams:

  1. A control dashboard that allows for user management.
  2. Managers can organize team members into groups and also delegate admins.
  3. Managers can adjust set appointments in bulk, and push multiple meetings with a few clicks.

4) For Salespersons: HoneyBook

Another booking app founded in 2013, HoneyBook was launched with a single purpose: helping service-based small business owners. Not only is it an online ticketing system, but the booking software is also a comprehensive project management solution for business owners.

Notable features for salespersons:

  1. They can manage all products in one place.
  2. All online invoices and contracts are stored for you and your clients to access.
  3. Every interaction with a client is stored in the client’s database.
  4. Clients can sign agreements and pay from the platform, and you can track their payments.

5) An All-in-One Solution App: Zoho Bookings

Zoho Corporation has a collection of products for business owners, like CRM platforms, help desks, CRM software Dubai, online form builders, and customer engagement tools. In 2020, they added an extra service by launching Zoho Bookings. Zoho Bookings is now an all-in-one solution for a variety of industries. Professional consultants, tutors, accountants, and managers are some of the many businesses targeted by Zoho Bookings. Two pricing plans and a freemium one are available for Zoho Booking customers.

Notable Features:

  1. You can add buffer time on the schedule to allow for preparation between appointments.
  2. You can set a scheduling window so that customers can’t book shortly before the appointments.
  3. You can define office and break times.
  4. You can set a cancellation and rescheduling window for customers.

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