Tips To Build A Successful Event App

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Tips To Build A Successful Event App

If you think about it, a massive number of events take place at the moment you are reading this article, the number may be even beyond your imagination. Events aren’t just major concerts, conferences, or festivals; they can be as limited as a small workshop or a school gathering. With such a big audience and a big industry, there has been a rise in the need for event apps, whether they are used for planning, booking, or both. The industry has experienced major growth in the last couple of years, which has in turn increased demand for services and apps as they play a great role in making the process easy. Follow this article to learn how significant event apps can be, about our special events feature in the nandbox app builder, and how to make the best event app!

Events Apps, and What to Take into Consideration

Events apps’ main purpose is to make the planning and booking process of events effortless and user-friendly. They focus on both event planners and attendees and guarantee maximum satisfaction for both parties. For attendees, the events app makes sure to accompany them during the whole process, before, during, and after the events. This shows a significant difference in the attendees’ experience, as it enriches it.

You need to take into consideration the wide range of event types and users you need to serve. Your app should cover everything in a simple and seamless process so that the user gets the most out of the experience.

Events Feature in nandbox

The events feature is one of many prominent features in the nandbox that can be used to create a highly successful events app. It allows you to add and create events, you can allow admins or even grant access to users to add their own.

You can also set up payment for the events using multiple payment gateways available on nandbox. Each event has its own uniquely generated QR code, so you can invite users to scan it and join your event. You can also invite them by copying the link and sharing it on any platform.

Complementary Features You Can Add in the nandbox App Builder

You can add many complementary features to your events app using the nandbox app builder, such as;

1.) News Feed

You can easily add our post feature, where you can provide users with any update instantly and they can also interact with it (like, comment, or share). This can be an excellent way to keep your users engaged and motivated. It also keeps them up to date with any changes or alterations, either in time or place, to avoid any frustrations.

2.) Channels

This can be a great way for attendees to communicate with each other. They can also communicate with speakers at the events or even the planners themselves. This can create a great environment for attendees where they can feel relatable and give them a space to personalize their app experience.

In these two hard and challenging years, there have been alternatives to almost every standard process that we were used to. Events were a great part of the change, everything about it now is not the same but rather simpler. And the notable increase in demand has created a challenging market that is always in need of novelty, making it a great opportunity for everyone. nandbox gives you the chance to be peculiar and unique. So if you are ready for a challenge, we are more than happy to be a part of it! You can try the nandbox app builder, which has plenty of great features and be a part of the change.