nandbox Messenger for iOS – Version 1.6.625: What’s New?

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You are currently viewing nandbox Messenger for iOS – Version 1.6.625: What’s New?

Check out what’s new in the nandbox messenger update version 1.6.626 for iOS!

1.) Better Management & Control of Media Storage

In the new version of nandbox messenger on iOS, you can better manage your storage by having full control over the media of each chat, group, and channel. You can control when the media will be deleted automatically, by setting the duration of retention, or you can delete items manually by selecting the item and deleting it.

2.) Increased the Character Number of Big Text Messages and Posts

Now you can include up to 150 characters on each big text message or post!

3.) Advanced Groups/Channels Admin Access Rights

Now you can select the access privileges for each admin.

4.) Support Promoting Group/Channels Admins to Super Admins

You can also promote admins of groups or channels to super admins.

5.) Support Dismissing Group/Channels Admins

You can also dismiss admins.

6.) Support ‘Report Abuse’ Feature in Group Replies

Now you can report abusive messages in group replies, just tap and hold on to the message you wish to report and tap ‘Report Abuse’ and choose why you found the message abusive.

7.) Enhance Sharing of Locations Inside Chat

8.) Enhanced Channels/Groups Search Functionality

9.) Enhance Quality for Video Calls

10.) Performance Enhancements
11.) Bug Fixes

Upgrade your nandbox messenger on iOS now to enjoy the latest upgrades!

If you don’t have the app yet, you can download the new iOS version now!