Private Messaging With nandbox Messenger

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Because Privacy Matters..

Using nandbox Messenger gives you more privacy control than you get with most social apps. This versatile messaging app is chock full of features that offer default privacy protection PLUS privacy on your terms.

So, how does nandbox Messenger protect your privacy?

Multiple Profiles

Protect your identity and personal information with one account and four profiles. Classify your contacts as family, friends, work, or public, and control what they see about you.

Invitation System

Your consent is always the first step in communication. An individual cannot call you or send you a message through nandbox Messenger if he/she is not one of your contacts. To add you as a contact, the person must first send you an invitation. You can either accept or reject the request. You can also accept or reject invitations from individuals wishing to add you as a member or administrator of a group chat or Channel.

User Anonymity

Chat with strangers without the danger. Your phone number will never be visible to other members of group chats or Channels.

Message Recall

Avoid embarrassment and disasters. You can recall messages and files you’ve sent at any time. Saved files will be deleted from the recipient’s gallery once you recall them.

Turn off “Last Seen” and Read Receipts

Don’t want others to know when you’ve been online or when you read their messages? Not a problem. You can turn off these features anytime from within your account settings.

When you use nandbox Messenger, your personal information and conversations remain fully private and fully yours. You can also read our detailed privacy policy.

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