How to Make a Video Chat App from Scratch with nandbox

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nandbox Features: Audio & Video Calling

One of the greatest things that technology has enabled us to do is that it has removed all distance. It made people communicate regardless of it, bringing people together. During the pandemic, people were in desperate need of communication. That is when audio and video calls came in as a lifesaver. The benefits were not only limited to individuals and families; businesses also kept operating through audio and video calls. In fact, a great number of apps were developed during these times for organizations to be operated through them. Statistically, people stated that productivity during meetings improved by as much as 50% when using video calls. As it pretty much imitated the real-life work environments that employees felt while working from their homes. Technology can be fascinating and life-changing, which is why the team at nandbox was keen on allowing people to develop their own messenger app with a superb audio and video calling feature. In this article, you will learn all about the feature that makes the perfect video chat app.

Benefits of Audio & Video Calling

Improving Productivity


Video and audio calls can be used to create a virtual workplace. It enables people to collaborate on projects from different locations. This can result in increased productivity and efficiency, as it allows people to access resources quickly and easily. Additionally, audio and video calls can be used to facilitate remote learning. This can be a great way to stay engaged and motivated while learning.

Enhancing Social Relationships

As witnessed in the last couple of years. Audio and video calling enhanced social relationships as they demolished all the gaps that existed in the past. You don’t need to be in the same place to see and communicate with people now. Long-distance relationships, in particular, can benefit from audio and video calling as it helps bridge the distance between two people. Additionally, audio and video calls can be used to stay connected with friends and family. That allowed people to strengthen their relationships without needing to be present in the same place, country, or continent.


Video and audio calls are also cost-efficient, as they eliminate the need for people to travel to meet in person. This can help reduce overhead costs, as well as time spent traveling. Meaning that people can focus more on the actual task of the meeting. Additionally, audio and video calls are often free or low-cost. Meaning that organizations can save money on communication costs and easily conduct virtual meetings without the need to travel distances or go through the wallet-draining process of finding and renting conference rooms.

Audio & Video Calling Features on nandbox

Upon working on the feature, nandbox’s team took into mind what people expected and always sought audio and video calls. The team came up with multiple ideas that they were able to utilize perfectly.

The first issue with most alike features on many messengers or video chat apps is for sure, audio and video quality. Who hasn’t suffered from poor quality that he couldn’t see anything on the other side? or interrupted audio where you couldn’t even interpret a single word? Probably all of us.

People throughout the years have expressed their frustration with the poor quality that they experience with video and audio calls across many apps. This is why nandbox utilized WebRTC technology when developing the feature. The technology proved its maximized performance and capability to provide users with seamless and excellent-quality audio and video calls.

WebRTC also solved another issue that usually concerns users, which is security. WebRTC is the most secure VoIP found on the market nowadays. That’s because it uses powerful and secure protocols used in the encryption and authentication of the calls. This ensures users that their conversation is safe and not breached. Apart from this, we also utilize video conferencing SDK like the one from Dyte. It comes with all the advanced features, security measures, etc, and is easy to integrate with the app.

Setting up Audio & Video Calling in the nandbox App Builder

The process of setting up the audio and video calling features in your app is as simple and clear as ABC. Whether you are on the way to developing a full-on messenger app like WhatsApp or a video chat app like Skype. Following registration and choosing the desired template, you will get to both the home menu and side menu sections, where you can drag and drop features to integrate. Under the communications category, the feature is present under the name “calls.”

Once you drag and drop the feature into either your side or home menu, you are all done. You just provided your app users with one of the most distinguished video and audio calling experiences, and they can go on and make seamless calls as much as they want.

Take into consideration that in order for the feature to well-function, there are some must-have modules that ought to be integrated alongside, such as call log and contact list. And also some complementary modules to enhance the user experience even more, such as group chats.


Audio and video calling features have become an essential part of our day-to-day life, with the increasing need for remote communication. Nandbox is the perfect platform to help you create your own messaging app or video chat app. Not only will you be able to provide your users with native, fully-functioning apps, but you will also provide them with a seamless, high-quality, and secure communication channel. Users can be assured of secure and clear conversations. The process of setting up and developing an app in nandbox is simple and straightforward, and you won’t exert much effort or spend much time and money. So, don’t waste any more time and let people stay connected no matter how far away they are through your app.