Enhancing App Security: The Blacklist Feature by nandbox

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Enhancing App Security: The Blacklist Feature by nandbox

The blacklist is a list of users who are not allowed to sign up for your app or interact with it. This saves you from many unnecessary problems in the future, such as safety, moral, or legal issues.

Blacklists are called “block lists” because they allow app management to block certain users that are not appropriate for your app. Blacklists are most commonly used in the online marketing industry to continuously filter the app.

In fact, there are thousands of mobile app companies and app stores that use the blacklist feature to keep track of their users’ information. They don’t want people who aren’t compatible with the nature and policies of the app to have access to it.

How Blacklisting Users Will Help You As An App Owner?

Firstly, it is a way to protect the app from misbehaving accounts, spammers, and unwanted signups. Secondly, blacklisting users is a way to protect the company’s reputation by preventing disgruntled users from spreading false information.

So, the core motive of creating a blacklist is the intention of protecting your brand, from being associated with certain keywords, communities, behaviors, and styles that you may not want your brand to be associated with.

The Main Features Of Blacklist Users With nandbox:

1. Ability to blacklist users by their Signup IDs.

To show you what it means: When you write down any user’s signup ID, this will blacklist the user immediately.

2. Automate the list submissions by setting a keyword pattern.

3. In the pattern option, you may select to ban any words at any location in the user data. (Start with, contains, and End with.)

For example: If you wrote “Facebook” as the pattern’s keyword, this will automatically blacklist any signup ID containing the word ‘Facebook’.

4. Ability to use regular expressions in creating patterns.

For instance: If you wrote “/d” as the pattern’s keyword, any signup ID that contains any numbers will be automatically blacklisted.

How To Blacklist Users In Your nandbox App?

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click blacklist from the user’s management section on the left bar.
  3. Select the blacklisting method by Signup ID or by pattern.
  4. Click save.

After adding the user’s signup ID to your app blacklist, they will no longer have access to sign up or interact with your application. You can also follow our fully imaged documentation to guide you through this process step by step: Blacklist Documentation.

It’s also important to realize, nandbox has a whitelist feature that allows you to manually and automatically access only the users you want in your app. Please read the following article for more information on that feature nandbox features: Whitelist.

In conclusion, the blacklist and whitelist tools are extremely important to managing any community, especially online ones.

Try nandbox app builder now to build your mobile app and enjoy the power of full user management control in your targeted market which is a must in order to offer the best user experience for your targeted audiences.