Everything You Need to Know About Incorporating App Live Chat

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Why Your Business Needs Live Chat on Its App

Some say that features are the core of any app and are what make it successful. However, the app’s success depends on many aspects other than features. One of these aspects is customer support. Customer support is a critical factor that can differentiate a good business from a poor one, and the same goes for apps. It can be provided in many forms and through many channels. Live chat is the channel we are going to break down in this article. We will go through why apps need live chats and the best live chat apps or software you can use.

Explanation of what live chat is

Live chat is a customer service tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time. It is a channel, whether presented in an app or on websites. It enables online conversations between a customer and a representative of a business or app through a chat interface. Live chat is an effective way for businesses to provide customer support, assistance, and technical support. It is a convenient way for customers to get quick answers to their questions and concerns without having to make a phone call or going back and forth with emails With live chat, customers can have a conversation with a representative of an app in real-time. This means that they can get immediate responses to their queries, and the representative can provide them with personalized assistance to help them resolve their issues and queries.

Importance of Customer Service in Apps

Increase User Retention Rates

Increase User Retention Rates

Customer service is just as important in apps as it is in any other business. By providing excellent customer service, app developers can increase user retention rates. When users feel valued and their needs are met, they are more likely to continue using the app and recommend it to others. Good customer service can also provide an opportunity to increase word-of-mouth advertising. Thus, receiving valuable customer feedback that can be used to improve the app and increase user satisfaction.

Contribute to the rise in revenue

Excellent customer service in apps can also contribute to the rise in revenue. Providing good quality customer service can improve app ratings and encourage positive word of mouth about the app, which can lead to increased downloads and usage. This can also make users trust the app enough to make in-app purchases. This, in turn, can lead to higher revenue and profits for app developers and ensure continued success and growth for the app.

Benefits of live chat for apps

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction

Live chat provides several benefits for apps. One of the key benefits is increased customer satisfaction. With live chat, customers can get immediate answers to their queries, which can help to resolve issues quickly and effectively. This can lead to faster problem resolution and an overall better customer experience with the help of Retail Customer Experience Software.

Improved customer service efficiency

Another great benefit of live chat for apps is improved customer service efficiency. Live chat allows customers to receive immediate assistance, reducing the good old need for lengthy phone calls or emails. This can lead to faster problem resolution and an overall better customer experience. Additionally, live chat can improve efficiency for customer service representatives, as they can handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously.

24/7 Availability

24 7 Availability

One of the biggest advantages of live chat is that it can be available 24/7, I mean, you never know when you would need help. This means that customers can get help whenever they need it, even outside of normal operating hours. Users in different time zones or with irregular schedules may benefit greatly from this.


Compared to other customer support channels, such as phone and email support, live chat is a cost-effective option for apps. It requires fewer resources, and time and can be managed easily by one or two people. This means that apps can provide high-quality customer support without going over the limit which is ideal for small businesses and startups.

Best live chat apps


One of the best live chat apps available is Tidio. It is a user-friendly and customizable software that allows apps to provide excellent customer service through live chat. Tidio offers a variety of features, including AI automation, and chatbots. It allows the app or website users to track their customer support performance with their analytic tools. Tidio can be easily integrated into apps and websites and offers affordable pricing plans in addition to a free one.


Giosg is a complete live chat platform that helps you connect with your customers, start meaningful conversations and exceed customer expectations. With Giosg’s smart chat routing, shopping cart integration and over 30 targeting rules, your business can target and serve customers more efficiently and effectively. By offering immediate assistance for your visitors, you can boost the sales process and provide personalized support that exceeds customer expectations.

Giosg can also be easily integrated with your existing platforms, such as your CRM system or messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, providing you with a variety of ways to engage with your customers through text, voice, or video.


Another example of a live chat app that apps and businesses can use to provide excellent customer service is Ada. In addition, to live chats, Ada offers AI-powered chatbots that can handle a variety of customer inquiries and provide quick and accurate responses. This can help businesses save time and resources while still delivering high-quality customer service. In addition, Ada’s chatbots can also be customized to match an app’s branding and personality, creating a more personalized customer experience.


Chatway is another great live chat app for resolving customer issues quickly. It is a simple and easy-to-use live chat software that boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales through real-time communication. It has several great features that make communication efficient and quick including mobile apps for communicating on-the-go; team collaboration features that include private notes and unlimited agent seats; widget customization for a modern look and feel, and analytics to track the efficiency of your customer service team.


LiveChat is an excellent solution for businesses and apps looking to improve their customer service through live chat. Not only does it offer an easy and user-friendly interface, but it also provides a number of customizable chat widgets and various features to enhance customer engagement and support. These features include the ability to add pre-chat surveys to get the user’s feedback and file-sharing capabilities to allow users to share files with agents easily. Furthermore, LiveChat integrates seamlessly with apps and websites, making it ideal for everyone to use.


Providing your users with a good customer support channel can be life-changing. From improving customer satisfaction to generating revenue, all this and more can be done by offering high-quality customer support services. By now, you should understand just how significant live chats are and how much they can enhance the user experience. But when it comes to integrating such a channel into your app, it could be a little tough. Luckily, everything is seamless with nandbox. With the nandbox app builder, you will not only be able to build an app in a matter of minutes with all the features you want. You can also integrate any live chat software into your app with swift action. Give the nandbox app builder a try today to see how simple it is to integrate a live chat into your app and enjoy the advantages of doing so.