The Benefits of Scheduling Posts on Your Business App News Feed

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Offering a good product is no longer the only component of success. Customers have a short attention span and are exposed to loads of products and services daily. Fortunately, there are ways to retain their interest in your business. For one, an app news feed will keep them engaged and updated, which will help you remain relevant. Updating isn’t as easy as posting things as they happen, though. And without a schedule, you can only go so far. In this blog post, we will go over why you need to schedule posts ahead of time, then show you how to do it on the nandbox app builder.

Benefits of Scheduling Content on Your News Feed

#1: Time Management

A content calendar is a great tool for planning posts. It gives you and your marketing team the time to get creative. When you have the content lined up for publishing later, the focus will be on making it unique and fresh rather than finishing it on time. So, the content posted will be better in quality. Not to mention, that it is more convenient to write posts in batches when the writer is their element. Similarly, it’s easier for content managers to post content in batches and schedule them for later. Scheduling will make for a more smooth operation for the marketing team.

#2: Targeting the Audience at the Right Time

Ever dismissed a post’s push notification quickly because it wasn’t the right time? Peak time is the perfect time to reach your app users and enthuse them with your product or service. It’s the time when they’re already online and using mobile apps. It differs from one platform to another. For example, the optimal time to post on any social media platform is Tuesdays through Thursdays at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. And the worst day for posting is Saturday. Schedule your post for when your users are on their phone scrolling down on social media platforms and are likely to click the push notifications.

Because you probably have more pressing matters to attend to than remembering to post at the perfect time, scheduling in advance is a time-saver.

#3: Being Consistent with Updates

As mentioned above, regularly updating keeps the customers interested. These updates should have a consistent pattern. If your business is an e-commerce store, you can send offers at the same time weekly or bi-weekly. Some customers will start noticing the pattern and look forward to these updates. Consistency will drive customers towards your brand and increase loyalty.

Schedule Your Post on Your App News Feed with the nandbox App Builder

One of the features of the nandbox app builder is creating an app news feed. You can write and publish content for your users to read, like, or comment on. The app owner and admin get notified of new engagements and can reply to comments. With this feature, you can add pictures as a background to your posts. Moreover, you can post a photo, video, gif, audio, or file. And the post created can be sent to appear on your news feed, channels, or groups.

When you add the app news feed to your home menu, a content management menu will appear, where you can find the option to create scheduled posts. Making a scheduled post is almost the same as an immediate post. The only difference is that you add the date and time for the scheduled posts to be published.

The nandbox app builder makes it convenient for you to plan content and post it at the right time. Try it out now!