How to Grow Social Media Presence: The Ultimate Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Tools for Monitoring and Growing Your App’s Social Presence

In this day and age, ensuring that your app has a robust social presence is absolutely necessary to ensure its success. You are in luck because there is a wide range of software at your disposal. One that may assist you in tracking and expanding the social presence of your app. This thorough guide will lead you to know how to grow your social media presence with your app. That is to take it to the next level. Whether you’re wanting to gauge interaction, analyze statistics, or plan updates, you’ll find what you need to know in this guide.

There is no question that you can manually monitor your social media accounts. However, there are a number of issues with this strategy. To begin, you need to schedule some time to check through all of the different social media channels and search for mentions of your brand. That takes an enormous amount of time, and you can never be certain that you haven’t forgotten to mention something.

In a second step, you will need to organize a reporting committee for your investigation. You may measure some of the data on your own, such as the total number of times your brand was mentioned. Others, like brand awareness or share of voice on social media, are difficult to manually track for obvious reasons.

Thirdly, the potential of social listening is now more accessible than ever before thanks to professional solutions that include extensive analytics sections. The data you acquire from social networks can be used to inform social listening, which will then give you insights that can be put into action.

How to Grow Social Media Presence: What Exactly Is Social Media Monitoring (And Why Is It Important)?

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring and growing your app’s social presence is important for several reasons that we will be listing for you. First of all, it enables you to comprehend how users and potential customers perceive your app. By monitoring social media platforms, you can gain valuable insights into user feedback, reviews, and comments, which can help you identify areas for improvement and address any issues that may arise.

Additionally, a strong social presence can help increase brand awareness and visibility, attracting new users and driving app downloads. By actively engaging with your audience and sharing valuable content, you can build a loyal community around your app and encourage user retention.

Finally, monitoring your app’s social presence allows you to stay ahead of your competition by keeping track of industry trends, competitor strategies, and user preferences. This knowledge can inform your marketing and development efforts, helping you stay relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving app market.

How to Grow Social Media Presence: Benefits of Social Media Monitoring for Your Business

There are several benefits and advantages that you can get from social media monitoring. Below, you’ll find a list of the things that you can achieve through social media monitoring.

  • The share of voice socially: this measures the percentage of voice your audience has about you and your competitors.
  • Provides you with a complete sentiment analysis: shows you the mood of the ongoing conversation about you
  • ROI rates: the amount your investments are paying off in your social campaigns
  • Relevancy of your hashtags and keywords: what YouTube keywords or Instagram hashtags may you want to utilize later to increase your reach?
  • Social trends: help you stay updated with trends that are existing socially among your audience worldwide. You can learn all about the new aesthetics, business memes, and lots of other trends using a social media monitoring tool.

How to Grow Social Media Presence: Top Tools to Use For Social Media Monitoring In 2023

I know we don’t all get to find time to do little things. However, for some brands, social media monitoring is their savior. That is why we’re focusing today on the importance it gives us and provides us with. Here is a list of some of the greatest social media monitoring tools that you can efficiently use:


Meltwater (1)

With its integrated social media management suite, audience insights, social media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and influencer management features, Meltwater is the Swiss Army knife of social media monitoring solutions. It is a smart choice that is perfect for enterprise teams and SMEs alike, trusted by over 30,000 clients globally, and regarded as the #1 market analytics platform by G2.

The Meltwater social monitoring platform provides monitoring dashboards that are not only extremely customizable but also very easy to use. With these dashboards, you can watch conversations in real time, identify shifts in community sentiment, and capitalize on the most valuable comments.

Social Walls

In addition to the mentioned tools, consider incorporating social walls into your social media strategy. Social walls aggregate and display user-generated content from various social media platforms in real-time. By showcasing authentic posts, reviews, and interactions, social walls enhance engagement and foster a sense of community. Tools like Tint,, or Taggbox allow you to curate and display this dynamic content at events, on websites, or within digital displays, providing an interactive and visually appealing way to connect with your audience.

How to Grow Social Media Presence: Sprout Social

Sprout is primarily a platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to manage their presence on social media, but it also includes functions for monitoring the media. Instead of jumping between networks to track notifications, you can import messages, states, and tags from core channels. All that can be added to a single centralized location thanks to the Smart Inbox that sits at the center of the monitoring dashboard. You may save time and be more productive by configuring your inbox with filtering and tagging options, which will assist you in prioritizing interactions and allow you to save time to focus on some of your most valuable possibilities online.

Setting up Sprout searches for keywords to monitor for mentions of your brand or product is another way to monitor the most relevant conversations and keep track of them. The ‘Trend Reports’ from Sprout provide analysis on Twitter performance (rather than the performance of any other significant social media platforms), showing where your efforts are successful and providing a breakdown by the most popular hashtags, topics that are trending, and well-known public figures. Sprout does not provide insights on the performance of any other main social media networks.



The monitoring solution that Hootsuite provides can be accessed through its social media administration platform via an intuitive interface.

The most well-known features of Hootsuite are its scheduling capabilities and its streams, which provide a centralized feed of all mentions, comments, and tags related to your company across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This makes it simple to filter items, respond to dialogues by clicking the “like” or “reply” button, and allocate items to teammates who are in the best position to answer. Hootsuite’s Inbox functions similarly to Streams in that it consolidates all of your social mailboxes into a single feed. This enables you to monitor and reply to messages without having to switch between channels or hunt for email alerts.

You can also put up saved replies for frequently asked topics that you can reuse and update for an additional fee as an add-on feature. It is a choice available to companies that have average levels of internet engagement. In addition to that, they provide a more sophisticated social media monitoring tool known as Hootsuite Insights.

With this tool, you are able to analyze audience trends and segments in real time, compare your brand’s health to that of your competitors, and watch discussions across blogs, forums, and message boards.

How to Grow Social Media Presence: Cyfe

Cyfe provides you with the opportunity to aggregate insights gained from your media activities into widget-filled dashboards. These dashboards can also include data on your website, sales journeys, marketing budget, and customer support.

Having said that, getting started is quite simple; all you need to do is monitor the main social media channels for mentions, keywords, and likes. You have the option of utilizing any of their pre-built panels or creating your own from a variety of display widgets at your disposal.

The program will then bring real-time data on your social media activity (or the activity of your competitors) into the dashboard, where it will be available for you to monitor live or download as a report. You may also set up fast email and SMS alerts in order to be notified when there is a spike in the number of mentions or engagements, which may be useful if you want to capitalize on an influence or correct a mistake.


Want advanced? Talkwalker’s got your back! This tool is a cutting-edge tracking and insights solution that is geared toward large agencies and multinational companies who are looking for insights on how customers feel, relationships with public personalities, competitor benchmarking, and reputation management.

Companies with large levels of activity across several areas can monitor written material on digital and offline media in 187 different languages. If you upgrade to the Enterprise plan, you can also track images and logos being used across different platforms.

You have the ability to collect data from over 150 million websites and over 20 social networks, depending on the plan you purchase. In addition, the basic package includes one year of retrospective data, but the full subscription provides access to data going back two years.

Use pre-made dashboards to monitor the health of your brand, learn audience data, and analyze campaigns. Alternatively, you may construct bespoke dashboards to track certain themes and keywords. The Talkwalker analytics dashboard dissects social activity into its component parts, which are referred to as mentions, sentiment, hashtags, and engagement, respectively.

Wrapping It Up!

To wrap it up for you, social media monitoring tools are of great importance. Furthermore, what’s more necessary is that you get a full overview of which tools you should be using. This primarily depends on your preferences and business needs. That is why you should know what the market has to offer for you regarding this whole deep sea of tools.

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