Why a Mobile Attendance App Can Improve Efficiency for Remote Workers

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Why a Mobile Attendance App Can Improve Efficiency for Remote Workers

Today, remote employment is at the peak of its popularity. That is why for many companies the issue of providing the attendance tracking option has been updated. Mobile applications are suitable for this task. Let’s take a closer look at how a mobile attendance app can be used to increase the efficiency of remote employees.

Why it might be important for the company?

If earlier remote work was considered just one of the types of employment, now it is not inferior in demand to traditional work. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything when remote work has become the only option for many companies to maintain their functionality and viability. When this format was tested in practice, it was appreciated by many enterprises and employees themselves. 

So he ceased to be a forced choice and became just another opportunity for the organization of work. But, at the same time, the question arose about the discipline and quality performance of their duties by employees. It is in this context that applications that capture attendance can be of interest.

Also, relevant today are tools that improve productivity. Freelancers and remote workers often lack self-organization and this is where freelancerplanner comes to the rescue. Solutions like this allow you to keep track of work time, plan projects and reduce stress.

How do these apps work?

How do these apps work copy

To understand the advantages of mobile attendance apps, you should familiarize yourself with the mechanism of their functioning in more detail. So, the employee attendance tracker is a special IT software tool that allows employees to come and go from work using smartphones. The task of the application is to record the time and place of arrival and departure from work. Thus, a digital record of attendance is maintained.

What are the features of such applications?

Several features make these applications in demand. Firstly, these IT tools can replace paper time sheets and other forms of recording employee attendance. Secondly, the accuracy of real-time records makes it possible to capture the necessary information really accurately.

However, all of the above does not end with the features that mobile attendance apps have. One of the key factors is that it is possible to reduce the administrative work that company leaders do. It would seem that this only matters in tactical and organizational terms, but in fact, here we are talking about things that are of strategic importance.

When the head of the company is not loaded with such issues, he has much more time and energy to deal with matters that are his core competencies. And this is the development of the enterprise. As a rule, companies that are slowly moving along the path to their development are characterized by some common features. One of them is the total employment and workload of the manager with those issues in which he could not take part. Returning to the topic of attendance, here you can shift the functions to an IT tool. The main thing is that the application is comfortable for management and employees.

And finally, speaking about the features of such applications, it is impossible to forget that they contribute to a greater degree of transparency and accountability in relations between the company and employees.

How to choose a mobile attendance app?

How to choose a mobile attendance app

There are several factors that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing an application of this kind. Let’s dwell on them in more detail. This:

  • Price. The affordability of the application, in principle, affects the rationality of its use. Even if such an IT tool is very powerful in terms of functionality, but not affordable for a small enterprise, then in the case of such a company, it simply would not make sense to consider other features of the mobile attendance app.
  • Compatibility with other systems that the company uses. This is another important factor that affects the feasibility of choosing a particular application. It would be irrational to choose an application for which it would be necessary to abandon other IT tools used by the enterprise.
  • Option to support client companies. These options reflect the level of service that application developers are willing to provide to customers. If the support service is unavailable or intermittent, there is a high risk that the company will have to deal with problems on its own. This will create unnecessary stress and interruptions in work. Therefore, the support option must work efficiently and without fail.

There is another significant factor that you should pay attention to when choosing. This is where the free trial comes into play. Such versions are also called demo versions. If the applicant company is truly responsible for the quality of its product, it is not a problem for it to show this quality to potential customers as part of short-term access to the trial version. This is the principle of transparency in cooperation, which positively affects the interaction with the supplier of IT products used in the company’s work.

What can such an application provide to the employees themselves?

Above, we looked at what features of the attendance application may be of interest to companies. However, a rational question may arise here as to whether there is something that would be relevant for the employees themselves.

Many people work for companies located in other parts of the world. In this case, the time difference often causes various inconveniences. For example, if an employee at a particular moment does not have access to a physical clock by which he could track the current time of his company, the application can help.

Thus, the mobile attendance app is aimed at optimizing the organizational aspects of the interaction between companies and employees. Let’s turn to some statistics to analyze this topic at the level of numbers. So, a survey from ConnectSolutions shows the following results of using applications for attendance: 77% of those employees who work remotely demonstrate an increase in their own productivity. 30% of employees do more work in less time. And another 24% of employees do more work than usual in the same unit of time.

In order for the application to perform its tasks efficiently, you need to choose the option that will be comfortable for both the company’s management and the employees themselves.