Unlock the Potential of Cross-Cultural App Development With nandbox’s Latest Update!

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nandbox, Inc., the industry’s most successful and unique native app builder, proudly announces the availability of a new app builder update. You can now create your app in six different languages to broaden the scope of your users and help them overcome any language barriers that may obstruct their app usage! Because the demand for our app builder is rising every day, our team worked on a developing the cross cultural app development aspect so that you can create your app in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and German!

“Our primary goal is to help fill in any cultural gaps that people might feel like they’re experiencing through an “only English” language app development experience. Omar El Bahr, Chief Communication Officer, stated, That is why we focused on implementing different but commonly used languages in our app builder to make cross-cultural app development available for anyone. You can now create your app in one or all six languages!”

“This is an update that is based on many of our app builder’s users’ suggestions. We immediately knew the importance of cross cultural app development and creating apps in different languages, and thus, started our new update journey. That is to help people break all language barriers, and create efficient applications that will help them reach the audience they aim for.” nandbox CEO and founder Hazem Maguid

About nandbox Inc.

nandbox, the creator of the Native App Builder, the only native mobile app builder in the market, is a native no-code mobile app-building SaaS company that enables anyone to build mobile apps using its app builder platform. Neither hosting nor coding knowledge is required. Native, hosted-ready mobile apps for Android and iOS are what nandbox users create with a simple drag-and-drop approach. The nandbox app builder comprises a myriad of features to meet all needs of individuals, communities, and businesses. Ranging from messaging apps with audio and video calling capabilities to E-commerce apps, or a mix of both. Empowered with an extensive, cloud-based microservices infrastructure, nandbox holds multiple patents for high-performance capabilities, scalability, and reliability of 99.999% uptime.

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